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    The Truth About Monsieur Evra

    A clip on YouTube showing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra making an obscene outburst using a similar word to the one at the centre of his racism case against Luis Suarez:


    The footage is from Canal+ documentary Le Periple Rouge about his former club Monaco's march to the 2004 Champions League final. Evra appears making a foul-mouthed rant in his hotel room before the semi-final against Chelsea. The programme is in French but Evra, after subtitles for Chelsea players Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Frank Lampard appear on screen, says in clear English, 'Mother-fucking niggers', along with other muffled profanities.

    It will be uncomfortable for club and player that Evra's obscenities are available for public viewing in the fall-out from the Suarez case. Ron Atkinson lost his job as ITV's lead football pundit after that Monaco home victory against Chelsea, following racist comments about Marcel Desailly that were made off air but picked up by Middle East networks. And Suarez received and accepted an 8-game ban for using the Spanish equivalent of the same word. So what happens now to Evra? Will it take Lampard or Hasselbaink or an official representative of Chelsea Football Club to lodge a formal complaint for the English FA to take action?

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    • The thing is though have the F.A madethe Suarez case an open one? Or have they closed it? Or can they re-open the case and include this evidence in support of Suarez to counter it?

      Thing is though in all honesty.. we can churn out titbits here and there... and it'll keep going on as people like yourself keep bringing up stuff..

      Yes I know passions are still high and raw.. Also I know theirs those who just wanna be nasty, and keep bringing it up to upset LFC fans and LFC..

      Sadly not much can be done about that !!

      Other than ignore such peiople... Ignore as on here at any rate..

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      • Something Evra did eight years ago isn't "evidence in support of Suarez". Not directly, anyway.

        Having read the report I presume you remember the bit near the beginning where the panel were setting out their terms of reference and discussing how they would interpret evidence and use evidence to find a balance of probabilities. They said that in other situations one of the four things that might be considered would be the previous conduct of the two main characters, but that this type of evidence should always be treated with great caution as people neeeded to be tried on the facts of the case, not on previous history. In this case the panel decided that the previous histories of the two players could be safely disregarded.

        To answer your question more directly, the case is not open. From a procedural point of view it is finished with. There was a verdict and sentence and right of appeal. Suarez decided not to appeal. End of.


    • The twice-made post starting "I think I..." was in answer to Armchair's post. I and/or yahoo got the threading in a twist.

      What is my assessment of Evra's character? I don't have a strongly held opinion on it. Good player, generally sensible on the pitch but he can be a bit too excitable at times.


    • Oh, for heaven's sake. Armchair, have you read the report? Because if you have you really ought to know that they specifically didn't consider either Suarez's or Evra's character in their determination of the balance of probabilities. Having made that decision that Suarez had abused Evra they then considered Suarez's anti-racist credentials before coming to a sentence.

      The *only* way they focused on Suarez's character was in trying to give him the benefit of doubt.

      Read the report and stop making stuff up.


    • So what are you saying? That it's okay to racially abuse someone if you think that person might have racially abused someone else eight years earlier?


    • I'm saying he dished out racial abuse.. he then can't then go crying he was racially abused..

      Making out he's innocent.. When he's far from innocent.. bet he didn't admit that to the review board di he?

      "Oh by the way.. 8 yrs ago I was racially abusive in a aggressive way" ..

      If he'd done that then Suarez would've been let off or got a lesser punishment.. but oh no Evra chose to hide that obviously..

      As I said it pot calling the kettle black isn't it? Was Evra charged with racism at that time? I expect not !!

    • So if you nicked some sweets from a sweet shop when you were a kid does that mean you can't complain if someone burgles your house?

      You're like Dave. Desperate to find any reason to exonerate your man.

      Read the report.


    • Not the same and you know it..

      Evra was still an adult back then and was capable of making a decision to be racist or not.. and he did.. so in this instance thsay cancel each other out..

      Suarez was supposedly found racist but Evra was clearly racist.. It was a grey area with Suarez but quite obvious with EVRA..

    • Ok it's like this Robert. The moment the club, board, Kenny stops supporting Suarez then I'll do likewise..

      Until then he'll still get my support as he's still a LFC player..

    • "in this instance thsay cancel each other out.."

      How does Evra making a remark you construe as racist eight years ago absolve Suarez? Suarez's action is independent of Evra's past. Two wrongs don't cancel out.

      "Suarez was supposedly found racist"

      No. Saurez was actually found guilty of abuse with a racial element.

      It's also not clear that Evra was guilty of anything. He wasn't being abusive to someone's face. He seems to be coming out with a load of swear words in a rather childish way in a rather confused incoherent rant. It's not quite the same as telling someone you kicked them in their weak knee because of their skin colour.

      But a question for you. Suppose it turns out that eight years ago Rio Ferdinand took some home movie of his brother in which Anton came out with gangster rap which, taken in some literal sense, sounds racist. Do you think that means that John Terry is absolved of what he is alleged to have said to AF?

      I don't. I think it would make no difference whatsoever and is not relevant evidence to bring in to Terry's case.


    • Just a quick correction the word that Suarez used, whether you take Suarez's account that he said it just once, or the board's account that he said it multiple times is not the Spanish equivalent of what Evra says in this video. Suarez used the Spanish word for black by self admission, and by finding of the panel, which depending on context can be used as a racial slur, but it is not the "N" word Evra said here, or what popular belief (by those who have either not read the report, or choose to misread the report) seems to suggest.

      However the video to me shows an immature footballer (like most of them) acting out in a very stupid manner, rather than any proof or suggestion that Evra himself is a racist. It may border on hypocrisy that a man now is so offended by a word he threw around in front of a camera years ago, but I think it’s more a sign of his stupidity rather than anything else.

      Personally I'd rather we all tried to put this behind us. There are people out there who believe and cannot be convinced otherwise that Suarez is a racist, a cheat, and overall a not very nice man, so no matter what will always believe the worst about him. On the other hand there are those that think maybe he's actually told the truth even if he could not prove that to a panel. But I hope most are somewhere in between, maybe not convinced he said something awful, or at least did intend to say anything racially offensive, but think its likely he said something he should not have at least once, and so accept he should be punished as even the hint of racism should be stamped out.

      But bottom line is, Suarez while willing to stick to his story is willing to take his punishment. Why we keep talking about it seems a bit silly as its clear we can not convince those who have a different perspective, so the only reason to keep bringing it up, would seem to be either to stoke the fire, or to just talk to oneself.

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      • Is it racist to refer to someone as black when they black? As Evra clearly is.. For example on official forms in the UK theirs boxes you mark according to Ethnic origin..

        Is that being racist? No it's not.. So was Suarez trying to be racist?

        I know I know we've been through this so many times..

        I'm one that likes to seek clarification and offer clarification...

        Seems to me Evra wants his cake and eat it.. You know what he's done just that.. All because of the colour of his skin..

        Thats not being racist thats a fact...

        Had this all beein about a white person who'd been racially abused it would've been next days fish and chip paper..

        In other words their wouldn't be such a fuss...

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