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  • Hobsey Hobsey Jan 10, 2012 13:12 Flag

    Team to face Man City in the Semi?

    A poor start at home to Oldham forced us to wake up and deal a bit of a hiding to the plucky underdogs, confidence boosters for Carroll and Downing cant hurt. Not only did Downing win his fight against a girl to get onto Andys level they both scored as well!

    Its as good a time as any to take the away leg, City would have used a lot of energy playing 70 minutes against United chasing a lead with 10 men but the manner of their second half rally might have boosted confidence.

    Two of the most important things are that the two monsters, Yaya and Kompany will not be in attendance (Hopefully Vinnys ban doesnt get overturned). Without Magnet head at the back it would be very tempting to play Carroll as he wont get nullified in the air. Yayas absence should mean a bit more space for Adz and Gerro to pick passes and without that extra sprinter to liven their counter attacks.

    Man City: Injured - Ballotelli, Dzeko Suspended - Kompany ACON Toure, Toure

    Likely City team:
    --------------------De Jong------------Barry-------------------

    There is late fitness tests for Ballotelli and Dzeko which may change the line up whilst Mancini could go for Richards strength in the air against Carroll at centre half and slip Zabaletta in to the side at right back.


    Subs: Doni, Kelly, Carragher, Shelvey, Kuyt, Maxi, Downing

    Hopefully we learned a valuable lesson at the Etihad last week, I cant see Reina not being focussed and we shouldnt be so naive.

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    • Whomever we field it's gonna be a hell of a tough match against the league leaders..

      I wouldn't know who to suggest on this one..

      Do we go out and attack.. Or play it safe?

      Going out on the attack could give them cause for concern../ but leave us open..

      The other thing is they've so much more depth and quality in depth over us..

      I just hope we contain them and nick a win..

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      • The key for in this tie is the forward line and midfield. The best way to compete with City is to keep the ball away from the trio of Nasri, Aguero and Silva. limit their possession and you give yourself a chance. Sit back and let them have it and they'll unlock you soon enough.

        Therefore a strong midfield and a forward line that are prepared to press and harrass their defence. Keep the ball. Easier than it sounds but I'm sure it's the way Kenny ultimately wants to play as well.

    • In the 3-0 game we had a lot of posecion and it was lack of creativity and sharpness in front of goal that cost us I think. Their goals were largely due to defensive errors that I wouldn't expect to see again. With that in mind I don't think a defensive line up will help, it's more important that we can hurt them at the other end.

      -Picks it's self--------------------

      Shelvey has looked pretty good I think, could be swapped with Henderson though. I think both Downing and Adam could be accused of some sloppy and unimaginative delivery of late, maybe time to try something new.

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      • I'm not advocating we go looking for a draw, but with a two legged semi final we know the formula that works.

        Trying to park the bus I think is counter productive because a good side (and City are a very good side despite people missing right now) are always likely to find a way through or capitalize on a mistake. However I do think we have to look at this game in terms of don't loose.

        To me that means strong and organized in the back like we've been, so as you say the back 4 pick itself. But it also means playing the counter attack so we've got to have pace in the side. For me that means Gerrard, Bellamy, Downing and Henderson. I might consider a punt on Shelvey as he also has pace, and based on his Blackpool record a heck of a long shot also, but I'd rather Henderson as he seems that much more mature and calm on the ball, and I'm convinced he's improving each time I see him, so think he's due a break out game.

    • I’d agree with that line up. We will go out defensive, so expect its just Carroll up top, but with Stevie and the wide midfield behind to support. While I think the City back line definitely looks venerable, they still have a very potent attacking line up, and I'm sure will be going for it on the home leg. So the key I think is shutting down the supply route and not allowing any space for the likes of Silva and Nasri to operate in.

      With confidence high for our North East lads I might be tempted to throw Downing on the left and put Henderson next to Adam instead of Jay. However Jay has been neat and tidy so I'd not mind if he starts just where you have him.

    • Not far off my team either Hobbs. Gerrard must start, even if it means he wont last the full game and Bellamy needs a full 90 as well. Unleash the Carroll.