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  • Aurelio Aurelio Jan 10, 2012 21:48 Flag

    Are we gonna buy anybody in this window?

    I'm not so sure, the media were on the money with the Downing and Adam signings. Its pretty unlikely that we are going to hear an announcement about De Jong signing without at least a few days of media reports first.

    We do have Bellamy, Kuyt, Andy and Maxi who can all play in a central striker role, that is not a bad selection tbh. I wouldn't want the club to go and blow a big fee on a player who didn't fit into the future i.e Darren Bent.

    Actually scrap that, buy Bent, or wack in a 40m bid for Cavani. We have to re-establish ourselves as a chmpions league club. If we don't start scoring more goals that isn't going to happen.