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    Money On Players And Managers

    Started with Houllier £10m on Diouf, £14m on Cisse. Houllier Pay Off £10m. Benitez Pay Off £10m and £10m loss on Kean. Hodgson Pay Off £7m and £6m loss on Konchesky. Silly money spent on Carroll and the jury still out on Henderson and Downing. Clubs take the occasional hit but look at these especially the Kean debacle.

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    • Payouts are part and parcel of football and you get good buys and bad ones, same at every club.
      Houllier got a pay out of £1.2m which is nothing in football terms, the man won us a treble and left us in champions league football.

      Cisse cost £14m and we sold him for £8m, he suffered 2 of the most horrific leg breaks I have ever seen and still scored goals in the FA Cup final, Champions league final (pen) and won the UEFA super cup almost single handedly! A bad buy, I think not.

      Benitez' golden handshake was £3m, Keane was a mistake that cost us £8m whilst Hodgesons pay out was actually £7m but Koncheskey cost us 2 academy players, no money changed hands (Dalle Valle and Kacaniklic).

      I understand your point but the figures are wildly inacurate. For all the errors how about Shelvey £1.5m, Bellamy free (made us £4m profit last time), Enrique £8m, Agger £4m, Skrtel £6m, Reina £6m, how much could you sell them for?!!! About £50m+ profit I would have thought.
      Alonso and Torres made us £50m profit alone so its not as one sided as you think.

      you win some, you lose some.

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      • Well said Hobbs. Of course we've lost money on a few players, most top clubs do. The question is not what a player cost and then how much he was sold for but how much value do we extract from them when they are actually at the club. By that criteria Keane was no doubt a loss, but Cisse a clear gain, and could have been much more without the dreadful luck of the leg break. Carroll however I'd agree is still early to judge.

        But the other point when you put the actually figures is that the few losses we've made might only equal one of Chelsea's recent management pay outs. But then again if we were looking to profit financially in the transfer market maybe we should beef up the scouting market of the Portuguese league and then become a feeder club for Real.