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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 11, 2012 16:10 Flag

    Money On Players And Managers

    Well said Hobbs. Of course we've lost money on a few players, most top clubs do. The question is not what a player cost and then how much he was sold for but how much value do we extract from them when they are actually at the club. By that criteria Keane was no doubt a loss, but Cisse a clear gain, and could have been much more without the dreadful luck of the leg break. Carroll however I'd agree is still early to judge.

    But the other point when you put the actually figures is that the few losses we've made might only equal one of Chelsea's recent management pay outs. But then again if we were looking to profit financially in the transfer market maybe we should beef up the scouting market of the Portuguese league and then become a feeder club for Real.