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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 16, 2012 19:24 Flag

    Is it a bad thing..

    I'd agree with that. Adam is much more likely to sit deep and look for a longer defense splitting pass. But I think we have to look at the players we don't have that could better support midfielders pushing into the space between an opposing midfield and defense and support our striker, rather than just focus on the presumed short comings of the current attacking midfielders and strikers.

    That missing link imo is Lucas. Having him sit allows other players to push forward with more confidence. I think we saw this with Merieles last season when he was partnered with Lucas.

    I do rate Adam, but think we have to be honest about strengths and weaknesses are, and his strength is passing not holding or breaking up an opposing midfield. Jay I think is Lucas's natural deputy, but with him not available I think we look unbalanced in the center with more attack minded players in Jonjo or Henderson.