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  • Jason Jason Jan 14, 2012 16:32 Flag

    Is it a bad thing..

    That Skrtel and Glen are not only the 2 best players so far today, but also the best attacking threats so far as well? Skrtel with a lovely glanced header, and peach of a through ball, and Glen has skinned down that right side countless times with nobody to finish it off...

    I'm pleased with the impetus, attitude, overall play, but if KK says he doesn't need to add, and we can't have a pacey player to create havoc and finish in the box, then I have to strongly disagree

    No Suarez, no Bellamy = no creativity

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    • More home points dropped. Can't score. Carroll a joke. Same old. Liverpool won't buy big because Henry has put the brakes on Kenny wasting big money on mediocrity. Luck held in first leg but City could win 3-0 in the second leg. When Newcastle win tomorrow it's down to 7th. Negative home tactics today.

    • What another bitterly disapointing game......

      Totally agree that Martin and Glen were our best attacking players out there this evening....Says alot for our attackers.

      Would have possibley given Jonjo a start in the lineup too, poor lad hardly gets a sniff......

      Love Kuyt to bits but watchng him miss those headers got frustrating as hell and once again IMO Carroll looked lazy and got poll axed to the ground all too often....

      Not surprised our old friend Howard Webb wouldnt give us a penalty.....

      Altogether just another stinker......

      Better luck next time.

    • Got to agree on Johnson and Skrtel both looked the best in both directions but got to disagree with others on the thread about Carroll. We picked up after he came on and at last we had a presence in the box to trouble Shawcross and Huth. Shame he did not start.

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      • Dave,

        Guess you know how I've felt about and supported the lad, but wouldn't you say I've been vinicated in Skrtel? Not trying to prove a point at all, just saying, he's been sterling back there and today he showed skills as if he were a RB/RW/CB and CF all in one.. Really a shame Adam volleyed his glanced header towards Reinas goal and not Stoke, and his great low header bounced over, he deserved something today..

        I'm obviously not a carroll fan, but they seemed alot better in the box with him on so I agree he should have started, and I would have taken Carra off over Downing to keep the pace and wide delivery going from both sides, that's not a slight against Carra, just a tactical opinion, and would have taken Dirk off for Bellamy, or sooner, or for Shelvey and left Jordan on.. I think Jordan is a very calming influence on both ends..

        I think, and this will be overlooked, we may have found a winner if Spearing had been available... Gerrard/Henderson could have been foward alot more with less worry having him in front of Carra/Coates and Pep. Coates looked good too

        It's a shame the individual performances flatter the end result..

      • We did look better with Carrol I will take that as a positive from an otherwise frustrating game once again. Too little to late Bellamy and Carrol should have started get a goal then relax instead of chasing games against the clock. What odds Nil Nil for our next home premiership game.

    • Our results show that despite what Kenny says, the squad is NOT good enough. The table doesn't lie and all that. We really need at least 2 players, and maybe a class defensive midfielder as well. We got rid of 18 pieces of garbage last summer, and it looks like the summer will be time for another mini clear out. We need to get rid of Kuyt, and also should review the positions of Downing and Carroll too. Carroll will never have the mobility we need for the type of attacking play we have, and Downing, talk about flatter to deceive! Scott Sinclair, Junior Hoylett, even Nathan Dyer are all fast young skilful hungry players.

      If you use the same methods (or players) you will get the same results!

    • I agree with u on Carroll & Kuyt as for Downing he should be a 2nd choice not first choice..

    • I'll agree with you that the squad right now is performing at a 6th/7th place level. But the question is would buying someone guarantee that we could get to a higher level of performance.

      I think we've been spoiled in recent years with players in recent years that’ve come in and hit the ground running. But we should be careful before handing over millions if not tens of millions, and consider instant hits like Torres or Suarez are a rare especially in the Jan window. If we're talking about filling a gap with a proven prem player that is one thing, but getting that extra bit of class from an import is a risky move.

      Just consider the following. Silva is considered one of the best players in the prem this season and a major part of Cities title run. But it took him a while to settle when he first arrived even after the benefit of being a summer signing and having a full preseason. He really did not start getting into the groove until Nov, so if the equivalent player came to us he'd not really impact much until April, which would be a little late.

      But as the talk is of getting in a striker, maybe Dzeko who did come in the Jan window, is a better example. But he did not score his first goal for City until April.

      I'm not saying we should not go for some quality players, if they are available, but would caution that anyone we bring in may not be an instant success so we should not look to them to be. If they do hit the ground running like Suarez great, but don't expect much from a Jan signing until they've had a chance to settle.

      But that begs the question do we have everything we can from the players that are still maybe settling in from previous windows. I'm not saying we can't do better in certain areas and should not be looking to the market, but recognize that the existing squad should and I think will get better as it gels.

      Bottom line is while spending money will improve a squad imo, it’s an evolution rather than an instant return. The benefits of last summers spending may not pay off until late this season or even going into next, so don't expect too much from January. Just as an example City have been spending more than we have in each window for the last 4 years, but it was only last term they broke into the top 4, so I think its more about managing what we have as best we can rather then relying on money to buy us instant success.