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  • John S John S Jan 14, 2012 21:44 Flag

    Has KK lost the plot????

    Don't worry he'll walk soon a leopard never changes their spots

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    • When KD came and turned around a near hopeless situation into one of the best 2nd half of the season recoveries, we thought he was the best to take us forward. He could still do it only if he realises his mistakes and change tactics.... He needs to ensure that as far as possible he has his best available 11 on the pitch always. No experiments, no negative approaches even at home, no sentimental attachment to failing players etc etc...

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      • well who would have thought so many of our "fans" had such impressive cvs in football management? It's a shame we don't use our real ids then we could identify which titles and cups you had won.
        What I would point out is that KK,Steve Clarke,and the team see the guys in training,and know how the likes of Bellamy and his well documented knees would stand up to a game every week.
        Don't think for one minute I'm happy with the result or the performance today, but I'm also pretty sure KK didn't take everyone out for a celebratory meal tonight!
        I have to admit it may be time for some experienced loyal players like Kuyt to move on and dare I say it Carra to make that move into coaching.It's a catch 22 situation with our number 23.He needs match time to regain fitness and frankly confidence, but can we afford to give it him when he plays in a position where a mistake often results in a goal against?
        5 at the back is also not always a defensive formation.If you use attacking fullbacks who push on like our two today it can allow you chances to put in more crosses (although I would have liked to see Carroll on from the start with that formation)but again there must have been reasons why he didn't.
        And to all the manc reds who are so concerned for our team, I would look to your own problems.The return of Scholes was as much an act of distraction in response to a couple of games you lost which you were expected to win.
        So no doubt when we put you out of the FA Cup in a few weeks we can expect the imminent return of Bobby Charlton!

    • Is this the same John S who said this about 9 months ago that KK would leave in a month and after I bet him £100 he wouldn't he disappeared?
      F@ck off loser you haven't got the balls to put your money where your mouth is you pussy!!
      What a waste of f'@cking shoe leather you are t!thead go away and expire for all our sakes!