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  • Jason Jason Jan 15, 2012 16:54 Flag

    Another worrisome issue..

    I've read that Agger has an injury that has them a bit concerned, "we're managing it" is what KD had to say, but I've no idea what it is..

    Why this is worrisome is plain and simple, and FACT. This entire defense including Reina has been spectacular, with an understanding and quality as good as any. Best in the prem, and 2nd best in Europe behind Bayern..

    Now, let's face reality, not being able to score goals, especially at home, and the home draws have only been spared by the ability to completely shut everyone down and keep clean sheets or goals to 1 at best.. I'd confidently say that the 5 man back line with Coates suggested Carra has slipped and what I saw, and heard the commentators say, he was shaky at best and made 2 very bad mistakes..

    Bottom line, with a defense this good, we should be much higher, and fact is we need another striker and creative force. Enough of the "effort, commitment, and FRUSTRATION" comments. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it's a fcuking duck! Buy someone asap... waiting on Suarez who hasn't been prolific, is just plain stubborn and stupid..

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    • We definitely messed up on Saturday, no question. I think we have the players at our disposal to win that match though, that is the difference. Kuyt is in woeful form so to give him the lone striker role wasnt exactly genius. If Agger was injured then we should have just gone Carra and Skrtel or Coates and Skrtel or even chucked Kelly in there! It was odd.

      Not convinced about what im guessing is a anti Carroll slur (the duck but!)? We watched Lucas for 2 years and he didnt even look a footballer let alone a Brazil regular or the opta stat daddy that he has become, that encourages me to give Carroll time. Kuyt is a duck these days, if the turks come back they can have him!

    • Yea your right, probably a duck.

    • Uhh Kenny we would like the following a pacey right winger with a half decent finish and a back of the net smashing striker/monster please.....

      Splash the cash.......(preferably this January)

      Your ever loyal fans....

      The kopites


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      • Fact is Henry will not let Kenny waste any more money on what he thinks are good buys but which in three cases has been huge overspend on mediocrity. He will have to sell to buy which probably means Kuyt, Maxi and possibly Carroll, Shelvey and Spearing. LFC are still paying most of Cole and Aquilani's wages. There is no European money of any sort coming in. Even a Carling Cup win brings in peanuts. No larger or new stadium and strong possibility of no Champions League money next season. there's NO MORE MONEY to waste. LFC stagnating while Spurs have left us behind.

    • Hard to disagree with you there on any of that Jason....

      Cannot believe Kenny turned down the oppurtunity to swap Bent with Carroll, that to me is and was a no brainer.....

      Bent is one of the better proven strikers in the premiership and miles above Carroll, and I cant see Carroll improving because I just cant see how he will ever fit into our way of playing.....

      To me Kenny had a get out option here where he could just have taken a 10mill hit with Bents RRP being 24m, to which IMO Carrolls real worth is 10-15mill max.....

      Not a great decision just IMO but I hope to see Carroll drastically improve and for me to eat my own words which I would gladly do if Carroll was to lead us into Champions League.


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      • There's no issue with the money or being able to spend. There's a minimum of 20M from sales of Meireles, couple others, and wages saved, plus I can say without a doubt if they find a player or players they want, and Henry agrees, they can have them. Obviously within reason..

        Far as the swap for Bent for Carroll, who really knows if that's true? I don't like Bent, but for a swap I'd do that in a second, but I can't imagine McLeish would make that offer..

        And regards to Carroll, I'm not sure what else he can do to improve or fit in better. He was brought in with the idea of being that big, powerful, bullying striker who could wear down Cbs and create space for himself and others. Well, it's not just my opinion, because I'm stealing a columnist's quote in saying he often goes down in a challenge like a piece of paper. He won't get any faster, he won't develop top class dribbling skills, he won't develop any flair. He could lose weight and become a little quicker, but then what? He's already not physical enough, and lacking the strength he should have for a lad his size. Dirk Kuyt wins more headers, and chest downs than he does, and jesus h, so does Suarez.

        If anyone's on the train that he still needs a run of games, and he's not getting enough games that's fine, but I'm not aboard that one. I'll gladly eat my words if he proves me wrong because it would equal success and that's all we care about, but I don't see where it's coming from.

        Put it this way, if Roy Hodgson had spent 35M on Andy Carroll and this was still the same result, what would you be saying? Things not permitted on this board, or around your family and friends and Hodgson would be chased out of the country!

        We are by NO means guaranteed a win vs City and going to Wembley as Silva will be back, and no game is easy this time of year, Bolton will be fighting for their home and EPL existence!

    • Hope that the moneymen in Boston agree with you Jason. Actually , they probably will. Old John Henry so far has done and said all the correct things. He must realize that it's in ownership's own best interests to make a run for fourth spot...... lets hope for the best.