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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jan 16, 2012 16:15 Flag

    Another worrisome issue..

    We definitely messed up on Saturday, no question. I think we have the players at our disposal to win that match though, that is the difference. Kuyt is in woeful form so to give him the lone striker role wasnt exactly genius. If Agger was injured then we should have just gone Carra and Skrtel or Coates and Skrtel or even chucked Kelly in there! It was odd.

    Not convinced about what im guessing is a anti Carroll slur (the duck but!)? We watched Lucas for 2 years and he didnt even look a footballer let alone a Brazil regular or the opta stat daddy that he has become, that encourages me to give Carroll time. Kuyt is a duck these days, if the turks come back they can have him!