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  • Hobsey Hobsey Jan 16, 2012 16:28 Flag

    Team to face City in the second leg?

    After the farce against Stoke we seem to have a bit of a burden to qualify for the final! Bellamy being fit to start is a big bonus as other then Stevie nobody else looks capable of scoring at this level! City play away on Monday night needing a win so lets hope its a gruelling encounter at Wigan. Ive never been one for rotating in the league for any competition but a first visit to the new Wembley has to be something special. I will be absolutely buzzing if we pull it off.


    Subs: Doni, Kelly, Carragher, Shelvey, Downing, Kuyt, Aurelio

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    • I think Spearing is still a major doubt but might be ready for the weekend, so it might be a choice between JonJo or Adam in the center along with Gerrard.

      Personally I'd keep Johnson in the line up. I have to admit he was one of the guilty underachievers at Bolton, but for me he has been one of our most consistent players this season, and despite his lingering reputation I'm talking about his defensive qualities not attacking. Cool calm mature head is what I'd like, plus the ability and pace to push forward on the counter when appropriate.

      Lastly I think Bellemy to start this one is a big doubt. Mainly down to his knees and in all likelihood if he starts tonight he'll be lucky to make the bench for the weekend. But I'd not be upset with Carroll starting with either Henderson or Gerrard in the hole behind him.

      I know everyone wants us to be positive, as do I. Clark stated that is the plan, but I think we also have to be realistic. City are going to at some point put us under pressure. They may try to be patient and play their normal game, but at some point they will be forced to press if we can control them. At that point I hope we can capitalize on the counter, but we'll also at times need an outlet which is where Carroll comes in.

    • Was just thinking it might be good to have the City team likely to face us.Balotelli is likely to be banned, Kompany sees out the last game of his. Yaya and Kolo at the ACoN still as well.

      City likely line up:

      -------------Milner--------------De Jong------------Barry-------------

      Subs: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Kolarov, Dzeko, Hargreaves, Johnson, Razak

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      • It’s still a pretty strong line up imo even with the absences. But other than the front line I don't see a lot of creativity. The main threat I think is from getting muscled off the ball in the middle, so whoever sits in the middle of our midfield I want them eating 3 weetabix tomorrow morning.

        One irony from the Balotelli case is the lack of focus on the Lescott forearm that was missed. On any other weekend I think the press would have been calling that violent behavior worthy of a ban, but all the focus went to the young Italian. Personally I think City are very lucky to have him available and if he had got banned as I think he should of, with City having to push their full backs forward (as they have to score) other than Hart they would have been mighty vulnerable.

        Actually it might turn into an ugly game as our lads will have to do all they can to not allow the likes of Silva and Nasri to settle, while going the other way DeJong will be looking to do all he can to stop us as he’ll know there is not much other than his keeper stopping us on the counter.

    • We need this game, but more importantly the players need it to prove they want to fight for each other and the red shirt.

      Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique
      Kuyt, Gerrard, Spearng, Downing

      I'm assuming Spearing is fit and if he is he has to start. Otherwise it will be Adam but I hope he's taken the mangers words to heart. I feel a bit sorry for him playing a role (defensive midfielder) that is not his forte, but he's a professional and he's got to do his job and make up with hard work any short comings he may have.

      I've dropped Bellamy as well as I doubt he'll start after doing 90 on Saturday. But I hope he's fit enough to get on the bench and can play the impact role if necessary.

      Of course we could go the other way and go with Jason's all star line up. might change things up a little, as personally I'd rather play left back than central midfield. But maybe this one may be best saved if we actually get to Wembley!

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      • Ive got no idea what team we should play anymore! Before I was struggling because there was too many good players, take Suaro away and I cant find anyone fit to replace him bar Bellamy, but as you say he is likely to be rested but at least I guess he can play against United on the Sunday!
        Spearing isnt meant to be back until the Wolves game as far as I am aware. Aurelio isnt really in contention anymore but I always quite liked him in the middle. Adam has been a little patchy but I think I would still rather see him in the side then not at the moment. Jonjo could be an option, he is obviously very forward thinking but I like his energy and commitment. I would be quite happy with a 5 man midfield of:
        Henderson-Gerrard-Adam-Shelvey-Downing at least to start the game.

    • Dalglish will park the bus but this time Silva is playing and will do the damage. Two cup losses coming up against the Manchester Clubs. LFC will have an all competitions collapse like Arsenal did last season in the space of a week or so. Tactics will not be good enough along with the calibre of players.

    • This game will definitely be a sqeaky bum type afair, if we dont get fourth which is looking ever unlikely then the Carling cup would be great.....


    • Theirs also the added burden of the teams mentality following the Bolton game..

      We know we wanna see them going out on that pitch, and prove they love playing for LFC..

      If we lose this game too then heads will roll thats for sure..

      So we say "team to face City in the second leg".. Well firstly a team better show up in the first place.. As in the Bolton game theiy were just a bunch of players who happen to be wearing the same colour strip.. They no way wwre a team..

      So I say firstly lets get a team whose united in playing and wanting to play with pride and honour..

      Then we can think of personnel..

    • I can't bloody wait for this game now, bring it on.


      Obv both Spearing and Bellamy may not be fit to start, but if they are I'd like to see them. I'd like to see Kelly get another carling cup outing, and I've changed my mind about Downing because he didn't start in the comedy game this weekend.

    • Hobs,

      It's next Wed right? Just wanted to make sure since I thought Bolton was first..

      Anyhow, assuming not, or even that we pull through Bolton unscathed and with a W! Also, assuming Agger is fit since it's all quiet there..


      Doni, Maxi, Kuyt, Kelly, Carra, Aurelio, Adam