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  • Jason Jason Jan 16, 2012 18:50 Flag

    New Striker Coming in .....

    Alot of buzz over the reported comments made by Bruce Grobbelaar over the news that apparently there's at least 1 striker coming in and his description without name or team being a South American playing in Netherlands..

    I've been screaming and shouting for Luuk De Jong of Fc Twente, but obviously he doesn't fit that profile, so after looking at the rosters and top scorers, this is what I've found:

    Based on the little information given.. David Texiera, Paraguayan Int'l, 9 goals in 10 games this season, 21 years old


    I've read a fee of 9M... I don't like going off rumors, unless they make sense, though he's a credible source so I'm just trying to connect the dots, so guess we'll see..

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    • Might as well toss in this story as well, since it does seem to make alot of sense with Cole wanting it and Lille wanting him.. I've seen Sow play, very good, much like Demba Ba, strong quick player..


    • I read today that he was Uruguayan, which makes the rumour more understandable. I cant work out why Grobbelaar would says this, maybe just winding up a reporter? However I like the idea of us making the most of our Uruguayan connections, they seem to be a growing force in world football right now. From what I understand this guy is not the finished article though, not the player we are hoping will score the goals to get us up to fourth.

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      • I found the other player, the Uruguayan one, I forget his name at the moment, but he also plays for the same team as this Teixeirra, only he's not far from the finished article, he's barely put his toe in the water.. He just signed this season and has 2 games under his belt, whereas this David Teixerra of Paraguay has 10 games and 9 goals, as well as playing some for his country... If it's either of them, as we go off Grobbelaar's comments, it would be ridiculous to spend 9M on a player with 2 games under his belt in Netherlands instead of the other one..

        I'd rather they just took 9M and lit it on fire, or signed Andy to a 5 year extension for 90M so I can watch him lumber around "getting a run of games, and coming good" for the 10 years of my life

    • I read that Defoe wants out and that we're chasing him..

      I'd like Defoe here.. EPL proven and knows how to score..

    • Yea Sinclair is the real deal, wouldn't mind Dyer at that right price, but Sinclair is someone worth spending a bit of cash on. Doubt Swansea would let go easily he is by far there best player.

      I think Clint Dempsey would be a good buy, similar player to Sinclair but more experience. I'm guessing he might come cheaper as well. (potential seems to be worth more than proven quality these days!)

    • I'd go for Dempsey but not sure the owners would as he's already 28. But he's good across the front line or as an attacking midfielder and does have an eye for goal.

    • I'd go with that Dsteer.. I think our owners are looking at the long term.. So if we buy anyone it'll be someone in their early 20's..

      Having 4 young strikers could well be the plan and mix and match them accordingly..

      We do need someone though who bangs in goals for fun.. Defoe could be a choice at the right price.. Will Redknapp budge on his £20m pricetag? Maybe?

    • Before the season started, I mentioned that I thought we should have gotten Dempsey without a second thought, and not because he's an American, but because he literally does it all, and is a faster, quicker, more skilled/gifted version of Dirk Kuyt. Despite him just turning 28, I still see him with another 4 years at this type of level, BUT, forget it.

      If you recall, there was an extremely heated exchange between he and Bellamy at the Cottage, and there were some choice words used, particularly from Dempsey which I've seen him use, and display that type of attitude which I hate. Needless to say, I don't think they would get on very well, and I recall Kenny saying something about it and mentioning his name in a recap of the game and disappointment over cards given and not, including Clint shoving and getting right into the face of Bellamy asking how his mother was doing...

      Aside from that, he's as good a buy for his position/tag you could get in the prem from a lower table team..

    • The Uraguy press is saying the signing of David Texiera is a done deal.


    • Thing is if we're bringing in a new striker.. Where does that leave Carroll? Looks like he maybe moved on.. As he doesn't suit our style under Kenny..

      Which means we'll take a hit if we do sell him as we'll never get £35m or anywhere near it for him..

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      • If we are in for another striker its a big leap to assume that the new player will be replacing Carroll so he'll have to move on.

        But something to consider when deciding to cast off a player if a new one is coming in; look at the entire squad rather than a one for one replacement. Capable of playing striker we have Suarez, Carroll, Kuyt, and Bellamy.

        But from that group Bellamy it seems can not play consistently game after game. So when we have him on the pitch he can make a real difference, but we have to think him as an impact player rather than a consistent starter. Additionally he's been deployed more as a wide man either in a front 3 or as a winger, so while we know he can player up top, obviously the manager feels he's better deployed wide.

        Kuyt also while fit is struggling to get in the team either in his usual slot out on the right, or even as a back up striker. He still works he socks off, and is still one of my favorites but we have to recognize he's off his form of previous seasons, so maybe on the decline (I hope not, but looks that way).

        Suarez is still obviously our main man, and despite not netting enough lately I think most would assume based on age, form and past performance he'll be sticking around. And or course we all now the situation with Carroll.

        So I think if we are going for a striker mostly its based on one of two scenarios: One we go for a stop gap solution to improve us now in which case a Defoe or a player like him makes sense. He improves us now, and for a few seasons, but is not a long term (3-5 year) solution.

        Or we go for a younger player who is in fact a longer term replacement for Kuyt and or Bellamy who realistically won’t be with the club, or at least be a major influence in a season or two. In which case the Uruguayan playing in Holland makes more sense. Of course we could be following both scenarios, but either way it does not mean Carroll needs to leave by the back door.

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