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  • mel n mel n Jan 22, 2012 01:17 Flag

    Kenny, is it time?

    Bolton (2nd from bottom) ..... 3, Liverpool (CL aspirants) .... 1.

    Having watched one of the most uninspiring and most unimaginative displays by a team masquerading as Liverpool Football Club, I found myself asking the question, "where are we headed as a football club?" I know where I would like us us to go as I am sure so do most of the fans but how on earth are we going to get there, and most importantly, who will take us there?

    To be honest I had no issue with the team Kenny put out on Saturday with the possible exception of why Henderson was played as a right winger, other than that I felt it was the best possible available side in the absence of Lucas and Suarez. The fact that our supposedly best side lost to a side that had only one win at home all season and was deservedly languishing second from bottom in the league tells the untold story of hopelessness and despair for us. There is no way that the side that lost so convincingly on Saturday can be turned into top 4 contenders let alone title hopefuls.

    I can still recall and taste the optimism I had at the end of last season of big things to come this season. But all we have to show of that optimism is being 7th (again) with the distinct possibility that we may remain there till the end of the season. If being 7th two years ago was enough to send Rafa packing then there is no way it is acceptable now. Over the last 4 years we have bemoaned the lack of quality in our team and the feeling has always been that we are 5 quality signings away from being a good team. And now 5 signings and 100 million pounds later we are still 5 quality signings away from being a good team. With all due respect, the lot we bought has to be the worst riff-raff 100 million pounds (or any amount) can buy. With the possible exception of Enrique and Suarez, none of the players we bought could command a first team place in any of the top 5 teams in the league and yet we somehow miraculously expect those same players to take us to the pinnacle of English football, what a laugh! Imagine being the owners and watching Satursday's game and then watching another game that we played against the same team at the same venue 2 years ago, (we won 3-2 by the way). Compare the perfomance and the result and then try to fit in the fact that the difference between the 2 teams is the fact that you have spent 100 million since then. How keen then would you be to invest more of the same and what guarantees would you have that history would not repeat itself and the team will not get even worser.

    The simple fact is that we are awful and have been consistently so since day one of the season, with incosistent good displays in-between. I know some fans will point to the fact that we are on the verge of a trip to Wembley as a sign of progress but to me its not, Birmingham are the defending champions and right now are in the Championship just to emphasise how good they were and what a big achievement winning the League cup really is. As a fan I would gladly accept first round defeats in all the cups in exchange to being a contender for the league title.

    It is obvious that with the history of Liverpool Football Club, Kenny's job is safe but the question to ask is "Is he the right man for the job?" If he is not and we cant possibly fire him then what should happen? My solution is drastic but simple, he has walked out on us before when we were on top of the league, how hard can it be for him to do so again when we are 7th?

    Sentiment is an enemy to success, it is possibly the reason we have not won the league in over 20 years when we allowed Souness to cause untold damage to the club just because he was a Liverpool legend. Kenny is a bigger legend with a bigger and better legacy but if letting him go will give us a shot at being great again then so be it!

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    • Do you think the same after today's game?

    • WHERE IS mel n NOW ???....Well done the lads superb game and we showed our passion to WIN !!! Told all u who doubted KK..be patient hes getting us there so now we are on track for2 Wembley appearances and that Champions League spot and maybe...even more if we can maintain the sound and furyof this latest magnificent win over Uniturd...wasnt it superb that Patrice THESNITCH Evra was culpable for KUYTS winner...lol.

    • FORGET ABOUT MEL N LADS ...Bring on uniturd !!! YNWA

    • Sack him now!!!!! Hes rubbish, hes finished!!!! Take Bellamy with you old timer!!!!!

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      • The easiest think in the world is to start being negative and just moaning about every little thing that goes wrong. So for those of you that think we should be at the top of the league and winning every match. And think KK has not done a good job or has signed crap players remember this...

        Were would Manure be if they had done the same thing all those years ago? Its nothing but a cheap shot at Kenny after only 12 months or so. Lets hope you are more perfect in your own lives.

        Oh and don't forget that we would now be without Lucas as some would have thrown him out ages ago. Please do think and remember these two if in doubt about our future or giving people time to get things done. It may work wonders.

    • No one is saying they don't want more, no one saying you cannot be critical as mistakes have and will be made by manager and players, but a little bit of realism is in order if you want to have a sensible debate.

      Instant success is just not a reality in the real world, even if it is in the fantasy league world, or the world of PlayStation. And while it’s a valid point to say we should be a little impatient after 20 odd years, remember every time you advocate for new management you effectively re-set that clock.

      If you can point out just one example of a new manager coming in and changing up the team to have both instant and sustained success (and please define success as obviously the progress Kenny has made over the past 12 months does not cut it for you) then I'll gladly admit you've got a better footballing brain than not just myself, but the current management staff at LFC.

    • Mel,

      I had doubts as to how passionate a Liverpool fan you were,with your knee jerk reactions and throwing the towel in at the slightest setback, but your comment below from your thread proves you have no idea of Liverpool or it's history when you say Kenny "walked out on us before!". It is beyond insulting and downright disrespectful.

      "he has walked out on us before when we were on top of the league, how hard can it be for him to do so again when we are 7th?

      Have you any idea why he "walked" out on us ?
      Have you read the books, do you realise he attended every funeral of the Hillsborough victims, the stress and pressure he was under at the time to ensure the families and fans had support at that horrendous time, the guy was on the verge of a breakdown and you feel he just "walked away"!

      If ever there was a scent of a "plastic" fan then it's in your post in abundance!

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      • nevertop the...yes mate thought the same when I read his post ...
        I think it quite likely that he does know of the heartache and immense stress KK was under atthat time which u rightly say was the reason behind his resignation ...BUT I also think he is as u say a :plastic: only interested in having bragging rights over his other plastic mates who probably follow other top teams Chelski Uniturd and Citeh.
        Kenny himself explained his reasons for resigning he stated that at one point he was breaking out in red eczema blotches all over due to the level of stress he was suffering...Im sure u probably know all this anyway.
        I think we will always have attached to our club many impatient plastic glory hunters like mel n...dont mind that too much but DO mind when all they can do is insult a man who has given his all and more for our club and suggest that he:should walk: no doubt he will soon be clamouring for the sacking of KK and the appointment of Maureen after todays disclosures of the disharmony at The Bernabeau.
        Its a long season with a liong way to go yet plenty of time to make up lost ground and quite likely see the top four drop some unexpected points...think we will see some silverware in the cabinet come end of season. YNWA

    • Great wind up Mel, got to take my hat off to you on this one. Seems you've caught quite a few fish with it also, so very well done.

      Its classic, take a bad result and performance and say something we all can agree with, that the team just did not look like a top 4 contender, and then turn it around and throw out a completely unrelated hand grenade by saying its all down to Kenny.

      I think your actually getting better at this wind up game, but be careful, you need to throw some positive or supportive statements out there, otherwise the masses will catch on that you have not interest in LFC succeeding and only like to comment on bad news.

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      • Dave about time you showed up, and as usual we are on different wavelengths. Your view of me is that I am the equivalent of Dr Killjoy, something which can not be far from the truth, I am a fervent and passionate supporter of the club and being so I will clamour to high heaven if I feel the club is not fulfilling the potential that it is capable of. Believe me I would love to be as unconcerned as yourself when the club is doing badly, I am sure even if we were to lose 5-0 to City on Wednesday you would still find something positive to say about our perfomance. You really are wasted on a club like Liverpool where ambition and the desire to excel is a prerequisite. You would be a valuable asset to the likes of Bolton and West Brom where supporting them is all about looking for positives and being content with the occasional victory here and there and surviving relegation.

        I am not looking at poking ridicule at you Dave, I would never do that to a fellow Liverpool fan, but you must just about be the only fan who thinks Adam has done well so far, that Andy Carroll will eventually come good and that Downing is the English version of David Silva. I dont like to complain or moan about my team either but if the team is not doing as it should and I feel the manager is not doing something about it, then it is my right as a fan to complain about it coz nobody else will, rival fans will be busy laughing their rear ends off.

        Whilst you accuse me of being a wind up, can you point out exactly which is the winding up bit. Our perfomance was horrible - fact. Our signings have been terrible - fact. We are failing to beat small teams even at home - fact. If telling the truth is winding people up, then by all means I am guilty as charged. I dont begrudge you for being apathetic about our plight and being happy with mediocrity, I just wish you would not begrudge me for being your opposite, wanting my team to be where it rightfully belongs which is not 7th on the Premier league table.

    • Hi Mel

      I too agree that the blame it on Comolli angle is not right. Kenny will have to take the blame for poor results like any other manager (inc. Rafa/Roy beforehand).


      There are lots of people here who are ready to throw in the towel far too soon. Any manager of our football club, but especially one who clearly lives & breathes it, deserves time. This is Kenny's first full season. We may yet end up with our first trophy for years and qualifying for the Champions League. Yesterdays performance makes that seem a long way away but a sober glance at the table tells another story. I personally won't be judging Kenny until he has had two full seasons and I hope that the owners do the same.

      At the very least we should support him and the club until the end of the season.

    • Colin, you have said some not very clever things in the past but this really takes the cake. Blame it on Comolli, really?

      I can just imagine Kenny seated in his office (or wherever it is managers sit when they are not on the training ground) totally oblivious of anything and Comolli comes over and says "Kenny, I have signed Henderson, Charlie Adam and Downing for you, play them and finish 4th or else". Really Colin, is that the best excuse you could come up with, I would understand if you said blame them both.

      Things are not looking good for Kenny if even his most ardent supporter can not come up with a plausible excuse to defend him. Comolli was there before Kenny and if Kenny was unhappy about the situation then he should have raised it first before agreeing to be an interim manager and then before signing a 3 year deal.

      Blame it all on Comolli.......... really!

    • Colin,

      Someone, (All parties including FSG) is responsible for the purchases, but I'm sorry to disgaree on the Comolli idea..

      Comolli has all sorts of connections in France, and other countries/clubs in Europe, and the policy that FSG and Kenny wanted was young, British..

      Comolli was at Spurs and instrumental in bringing the following players: Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, Younes Kaboul, Niko Krancjar, Benoit Essou Ekotto and Roman Pavyluchenko. All still with Spurs who will be in Champions League, 2 world class, 3 top Epl performers. With youngsters still in the wings, Danny Rose, Jonathon Bostock At Arsenal he found Adebayor, Kolo Toure, Gael Clichy amongst others..

      Compare those names, in fact you could make a lineup out of them vs what we did this summer, and I'd have to say, while he said he/they were happy and got everyone they wanted, these were not who he had in mind.

      All summer there were names linked, available and could have been had for a fraction of what some of these current avg/underperforming players cost, Arda Turan, Scott Parker, Emmanuel Adebayor, Demba Ba just to scratch the surface..

      To play with Europe's elite you must have Europe's elite, and we do not.. we have Britain's avg to compete as an above avg team aspiring for much more..

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