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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 24, 2012 18:50 Flag

    Dirty Harry & Corrupt FA

    It’s all allegations at this point so think its way to early to go jumping to conclusions or especially prescribing punishments.

    However while I agree this has nothing to do with Spurs, I'm not sure Harry can plead ignorance here and blame it all on the club for not deducting taxes. Most people get paid with a cheque or a direct deposit, so large bonuses being deposited into an offshore account tells me Harry can't play dumb here.

    But also I read this morning the bonus in question was a result of the profit Harry helped the club realize when they sold Crouch. Considering the rest of Harry's Portsmouth transfer dealings did result in an FA cup, but also bankrupted the club while both he and Mandaric walked away (Harry to the same place he sold Crouchie onto) suggests at the very least things were a little cozy even if they did not deliberately intent fraud or tax evasion.

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