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  • We want Kuyt and Gerrard featured prominently , and despite opinions to the otherwise we want Bellamy to play most of this match. I'd start him and give him as much of the ninety minutes as he desires. Just this fan's opinion.

    I suspect that both side's supporters are just a touch nervously apprehensive. Isn't football grand. I love it. ( Thus the lack of comments , I'm guessing ).

    As with 99% of true Liverpool supporters I hope that no fans take verbal pot shots at the wee hypocrite evra , but I reckon time will tell. All the FA did with their heavy-handed-to-the-point-of-being-owned-by-SAF ridiculous eight match suspension is to make themselves look rather one-sided and foolish. And now , given that they can view a tape of evra saying the same exact words that he got Luis Suarez suspended for........one hopes that the FA are rightly embarrassed. So they should be.

    Come on you Reds !