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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jan 26, 2012 10:18 Flag

    Team to face Manure?

    Wembley baby!! One Manc put away at Anfield, one to go! What a great performance by the boys and what an absolute cracker of a game, played the whole range of emotions on me! Take a bow Craigy! But the question is, can he make another start on Saturday? I think the answer is no but we will have to wait and see. Dirk Kuyt deserves a mention too, hes had a shocking season but put in a wonder shift last night.


    Subs: Doni, Carragher, Kelly, Shelvey, Bellamy, Downing, Spearing

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    • I'm really surprised by how quiet it is on here today. Have not had a chance to get on until now, but see very little has been posted.

      It would be hard to know that we have a game against the mancs in less than 24 hours. Normally the board would be swarmed with some trying to have a little banter and others just trying weakly to wind us up. But all we've had is a bit of clucking from someone talking about men in white sheets.

      Has the City result shut them up, or is there a real fear that Utd are about to fall out of yet another cup? I did take a look at the Utd board, but that seems dead also, with just a few of them staring at their navels worried about who is fit and who is not.

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      • We want Kuyt and Gerrard featured prominently , and despite opinions to the otherwise we want Bellamy to play most of this match. I'd start him and give him as much of the ninety minutes as he desires. Just this fan's opinion.

        I suspect that both side's supporters are just a touch nervously apprehensive. Isn't football grand. I love it. ( Thus the lack of comments , I'm guessing ).

        As with 99% of true Liverpool supporters I hope that no fans take verbal pot shots at the wee hypocrite evra , but I reckon time will tell. All the FA did with their heavy-handed-to-the-point-of-being-owned-by-SAF ridiculous eight match suspension is to make themselves look rather one-sided and foolish. And now , given that they can view a tape of evra saying the same exact words that he got Luis Suarez suspended for........one hopes that the FA are rightly embarrassed. So they should be.

        Come on you Reds !


    • I wish you were right Jason. Boy we missed his spark. Let's hope he brings his shooting boots, worms up with a couple of goals against the spuds and a hatrick against the scum!

    • ferdinand, vidic and jones are all out for them so they will be having a nightmare in defence. Evans and Smalling in CD and Rafiel at RB is there likely line up. Would be great to have Bellers and Kuyt feeling fresh to run at them. Still maybe Andy will find some room against those two.


      Unless Carroll has improved considerably in the last few days I wouldn't trust him to start. I'm guessing he prob will though.

    • I'd like to see Bellamy start as well as he's more than hot at the moment, but think your right, 3 starts in 7 days maybe pushing things, and while he may look fit, we don't want to loose him to a silly injury. In fact while no one can take anything from him last night, I did notice just before he came off he was not running the channels when we were looking for an outlet man, so was glad to see him subbed off when he was. Carroll did very little last night but eating up a minute or so with Johnson in the corner was his job and he got it done.

      A tweak from your line up I might suggest is putting Henderson in the slot rather than Gerrard like he was last night. Hendo may not have got many shout outs last night but I was impressed with both him and Bellars defending from the front and keeping City pinned back. I also appreciated Gerrard sitting deep with a cool head which I think also gave Adam confidence when we weren’t on the ball. Just maybe a better balance.

      Lastly I'd start Downing over Maxi. Maxi has the technical skills on the ball, but is not the best defending, nor is he blessed with great pace. Utd are weak imo in the center so if they are going to hurt us it’s by getting the ball wide and attacking with pace. Nani might be out, but they still have options wide. Also I think Downing had one of his best games with us last night. He looked like Kuyt out there at times not giving up on balls, and I think may have taken Kenny's words from the Bolton match to heart.

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      • Unless KD, the physios and Craig (though he'd always would) say/think Bellamy is 100% fit, I wouldn't start him, but certainly feel good about having him availble for even 45 if needed. Though, if he starts up front, he still does less running and tracking back as opposed to on the flanks, so I wouldn't completely rule it out, knowing Suarez (perhaps a signing) are availbe for Wolves.

        Knowing that the backline and rb spot are a concern, and not sure over Bellamy, for me:


        Doni, Bellamy, Jonjo, Kelly, Carra, Maxi, Coates

        Also the wildcard thought that Spearing is fit, and if so, I'd definitely give him the nod in the deep middle, perhaps give Stevie a blow..

    • Who's manure ?
      Doesn't make sense

    • I know Carroll needs games to become match fit but we cannot use him on such a big game
      Team should be
      Johnson Skirtl Agger Enrique
      Downing Adams Gerrard Maxi
      Kuyt Bellamy