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  • Would be great if we got him and think this is the kind of player we should be in for. Especially if we want to win things.

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    • Hey guys,

      I don't pretend to be an insider or expert, but if there's one player in all of Europe I would do, because I follow Napoli and favor him probably a little more than any man should.. Hate to burst any bubbles, it would hurt me more than anyone if true, but he's definitely not leaving Napoli this January and I'd say more than 50% unlikely in the summer.

      If he does, he will probably cost somewhere near the amount that Cristina Ronaldo, at least 10-15 more than Torres. The owner of Napoli was at one point quoted as saying it would take 100M to buy him, now of course, money talks, so figure between 60-70M, and while FSG could fund it, and I'd jump like a kid on Xmas day, we're further away than just him, and in that realm of money, you're looking at the Chelski's, Fail Madrid's, Citeh's of the world..

      It would probably take Suarez, Coates, ALOT of money and a few major miracles. Any rumors of him for anything less than 40M and Suarez the other way, is not worth your time reading..

      He is, in my opinion, the best striker in Europe, probably the world... SIGH..