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  • Jason Jason Jan 29, 2012 05:21 Flag

    Sign Cavani!!!!

    Hey Ricky/Red/Miguel,

    I really, really like what I see and usually youtube and other videos can glorify some lesser known players, but I think this video is very short, sweet and direct. It's 3 minutes of his actually season/matches this year, and he looks good to me. But, like I said, I've only seen him live 1 time, he did score and looked very good similar to the video..

    IF there's any truth to this, and I hope there is, all the news has gone quiet today (Usa) that I can find. I suppose the biggest thing I'd be on the lookout for, and you'd guys would know before me, is if he starts or plays much/at all in their match tomorrow, FC Gronignen vs FC Twente... If he's kept out completely I think can quietly celebrate, if plays all 90, I don't think that's great news, at least not til the summer..

    One think to consider, on top of a massive and WELL DONE week for the lads in Red, is that Henry and Werner have been there the whole time. My guess is to support the club in person, for huge matches and to oversee some business. Also, Ayre commented about funds being plenty, and readily available, out of nowhere.. hopefully this points to some quiet, sneaky good business !!

    Cheers, I look forward to something good in the morning!
    YNWA from across the pond!