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  • Havin_A_Red_Day_? Havin_A_Red_Day_? Jan 27, 2012 13:49 Flag

    Sign Cavani!!!!

    Just wondering whats everyone thoughts on us signing the big man over at Napoli??

    Could the fact that we have Suarez and Coates possibley swing a deal in our favour or would it be considered to much of a risk for him by leaving a team already in the champions league??

    30mil to land him (35mil to land Caroll) Alot of money spent!!!

    But money well spent if we can land him IMO......

    Also big well done to our lads against City, lets do the same to the other half!!!!!

    So happy to see Kenny getting the results he and we all deserve......


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    • Would be great if we got him and think this is the kind of player we should be in for. Especially if we want to win things.

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      • Hey guys,

        I don't pretend to be an insider or expert, but if there's one player in all of Europe I would do, because I follow Napoli and favor him probably a little more than any man should.. Hate to burst any bubbles, it would hurt me more than anyone if true, but he's definitely not leaving Napoli this January and I'd say more than 50% unlikely in the summer.

        If he does, he will probably cost somewhere near the amount that Cristina Ronaldo, at least 10-15 more than Torres. The owner of Napoli was at one point quoted as saying it would take 100M to buy him, now of course, money talks, so figure between 60-70M, and while FSG could fund it, and I'd jump like a kid on Xmas day, we're further away than just him, and in that realm of money, you're looking at the Chelski's, Fail Madrid's, Citeh's of the world..

        It would probably take Suarez, Coates, ALOT of money and a few major miracles. Any rumors of him for anything less than 40M and Suarez the other way, is not worth your time reading..

        He is, in my opinion, the best striker in Europe, probably the world... SIGH..

    • He looks the nuts and a ton cheaper than Cavani......

      Lets get him!!!!!

      Big well done to our boys for once again giving us a reason to be proud of them!!!!


    • I'm just going based on what information I've found and the same manner Coates joined and what info I have in saying that he's missed the last 2 days of training w Grogningen.. It's gone completely quiet since the Dutch/Uruguayan media said it was done yesterday, hopefully no news is good news..!

      Obviously being speculative and basing it off very little actual footage, but I like the prospect, and I love the idea of a natural finisher in front of Suarez that doesn't require/waste 499 long balls... Come on D Tex!!

    • Great video, he shows tonnes of ability, movement, power and skill, will combine well Suarez.

      BTW, who is the No. 10 in the video? I say buy him too!

    • Hey Ricky/Red/Miguel,

      I really, really like what I see and usually youtube and other videos can glorify some lesser known players, but I think this video is very short, sweet and direct. It's 3 minutes of his actually season/matches this year, and he looks good to me. But, like I said, I've only seen him live 1 time, he did score and looked very good similar to the video..

      IF there's any truth to this, and I hope there is, all the news has gone quiet today (Usa) that I can find. I suppose the biggest thing I'd be on the lookout for, and you'd guys would know before me, is if he starts or plays much/at all in their match tomorrow, FC Gronignen vs FC Twente... If he's kept out completely I think can quietly celebrate, if plays all 90, I don't think that's great news, at least not til the summer..

      One think to consider, on top of a massive and WELL DONE week for the lads in Red, is that Henry and Werner have been there the whole time. My guess is to support the club in person, for huge matches and to oversee some business. Also, Ayre commented about funds being plenty, and readily available, out of nowhere.. hopefully this points to some quiet, sneaky good business !!

      Cheers, I look forward to something good in the morning!
      YNWA from across the pond!

    • What happened to that young american we signed who then was put out on loan immediately?

    • He ( Villyan Bijev) won't be ready to play with the senior squad this year, and probably the next. He is very skilled, and technically gifted, but he's got ALOT of room to grow physically and mentally, still very thin and fragile..

      I hope for good things from him, but imagine they have to start coming from our own reserve system after his loan deal..

    • David Texeira is in the starting line up.

    • de Jong looks good! Two goals already, maybe we should get him!

    • Indeed really really hope we can land this kid, I hear were still out for Rodagella from wigan, dont no what to make of that really......

      How good would a loan swap deal for Tevez have been?????

      Mancini is really out to screw los carlos over lol

      What a damn shame, the link up between him a nd our boy Suarez would have been the bollocks!!!!!!