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    Be gracious in victory

    The lads came through as we knew they would. I am biting my tongue and resisting saying anything about monsieur evra , as we all should do. United are a great side and it is an honour to achieve an FA Cup competition win over them. A well done to all our Reds. I'm over the moon , may not stop smiling for a week.

    I'd like to know what Kenny said to his troops after the Bolton match , because whatever he said.......it should be bottled and sold as ultimate motivation juice. What a fantastic home stand.

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    • Having just skimmed over the posts since Saturday (trying to avoid some of course) just one thing I wanted to point out.

      No doubt the talk after the Bolton game has stuck all week, and hopefully will continue in the Wolves match which maybe harder for the players to get motivated for. But I'd also point out the tactical impact of the manager.

      Honestly when I saw Gerrard getting pulled I wondered what the posts on here would look like from some posters if Utd had been able to hang on for a replay at OT, or worse Hernandez had nicked a winner. I'm sure the daggers would have been out.

      But think we also have to give Kenny credit for a gutsy change, and not just replacing the captain with Bellamy, but also bringing on Kuyt and Adam, both who've been slated on here. But the fact is those players all made a difference. Kuyt obviously getting the goal (from a great head on from Carroll I might add) but Bellamy introduced pace that was missing, and Adam did a solid job in the center. Utd may had more possession than us, but rarely troubled Riena. Scholes 5 yard passes may have eaten up the clock, but it was our lads who actually created and then took the chances in the game.

    • What makes me think is if he can kick them up the arse and get their act in gear..

      Then knock out both Manchester clubs.. yhen why can't we beat every team? If we put in as much heart and desire into both those games.. then transferred that to every game we play.. we'd be league leaders by now and by some margin too..

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      • Thats right Armchair, and don´t forget all those woodwork shots. They would have made one hell of a differnce had they gone in and we certainly would be challenging for the league. All in all not a bad performance - just lacking clinical finishing. If we win the carling cup then we will probably have outperformed Manure as regards silverware come May. I also certainly wouldn´t rule out an FA Cup trophy either at this stage. Hoorah!

        Citeh for the league hopefully but you can never write off old bluenose´s boys as we all know. Up to Citeh to play more consistently and it should be a done deal.

        Regards the wind up merchants, they will try their best to downgrade any cup achievement we have - poor sods!

    • "I'd like to know what Kenny said to his troops after the Bolton match , because whatever he said.......it should be bottled and sold as ultimate motivation juice. What a fantastic home stand. "

      Nothing needed to be bottled. It's called 'raising your game.' The Liverpool players we shite against Bolton as they saw them as inferior. With Utd being above L'pool in the league (for the past 20 Years) and their biggest rivals, Liverpool were always going to be up for this - more so than Utd perhaps? Afterall (said with a little tongue in cheek) you are inferior to Man Utd.

      Utd were rubbish today, despite what Fergie says. Slow and non-penetrative in the final third, with Welbeck isolated. And this isn't sour grapes as I'd have said the same if we won.

    • We won fair and square and the best team won..

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      • Armchair I agree you won fair and square. But no one can deny it was a depleted squad they faced. Ferguson picked the only available 11. As I said elsewhere , Liverpool and united will be judged on their league position primarily. We are 3 off the top. You are closer points wise to relegation than the title. If you want to celebrate a great victory over United that's fine , but it's only masking cracks. It was a weak united side. I though we would get really turned over when I saw the teams. It did not happen at all, if I was a Liverpool fan I would be concerned as to why.

    • Well done on your victory. You created a few good chances at the death. We had the better of the majority of the game, but did not take our chances.

      I don't know if the result is a good one for you though. With all the players we had missing should you not have done a real. Umber on us ? We were without Ferdinand, Vidic, Jones, Young , Nani, Cleverley , Anderson and Rooney. They would all start if fit. We maybe could add Lindergaard to that list too , as he is arguably our first choice keeper. Hernandez over Wellbeck , maybe, maybe not. But you get the gist 8 of the first 11 missing. Even the back up midfielders like Fletcher missing too. This is not a wind up post, I genuinely believe this game said more about how strong we are, that we played so well at your place with such a depleted side and had chances enough to win. Do you not feel, you were shown up in some ways, not as in embarrassed, but lacking real quality in many areas ?