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  • Aurelio Aurelio Jan 29, 2012 15:57 Flag

    Be gracious in victory

    Not sure about the 'we will be judged on league position'. Its all or nothing, and it's looking like it could well be a trophyless season for united. I was surprised that Scholes and Carrick dominated in midfield, they deserve some credit for there performances. We have had so many games this season where we have dominated possession and created loads of chances but not won that I don't think any of us really mind a mediocre performance and a win.

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    • They certainly do make it hard to be gracious in victory. There have been a lot of comments by man u fans on how they had more possesion. Lets not argue with them , they had more possesion....agreed. Our lads had more shots on target and more corners , and of course more goals. It's shocking that that SAF displays such bad form by falsely claiming that his side dominated. Dominated what? Possesion? Our Reds dominated the statistics that count , shots , corners, goals. I'm not sure that SAF isn't being ingenuous , perhaps even quoting falsehoods. Shame on the old manipulator. You were beaten fairly. But you refuse to ever give credit to an opponent. Shame on you.