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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 30, 2012 15:46 Flag

    WTF? Carroll swap for Tevez??

    Maybe he wants him there because he thinks he's getting better and contributing to the team.

    I'm not saying I'm not disappointed in Carroll, and I do hope he can progress including putting a few more in the net. But I am saying I'm not ready to give up on a 22 year old as player who cannot progress, especially when I see him contributing more in each game he plays.

    Just consider

    imo Carroll was instrumental in both goals on Saturday. He scared the heck out of De Gea by just standing in front of him, and in fact also drew 2 defenders to him which allowed the space for Agger to get his head on the ball. If teams keep doubling up on Carroll to prevent him from scoring on set plays, he's not going to bag too many. However if we take advantage of the fact space is being created by Carroll, we have to admit he'll be making a contribution to the side.

    The second goal was obvious, although maybe the fact Evra started cheating up field assuming Carroll would not get his head on the ball should mean we should encourage people to write off AC in the hopes opposition defenders start under rating him. But the fact is he did exactly what he used to do at Newcastle, exactly what we pay him to do, he got his head on the ball and directly set up a scoring chance Kuyt took with glee.

    Yes we want more goals from Carroll, but so long has he's helping us win games, I'm not sure what people are complaining about.

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    • That's all fine and true. I've defended our young bull similarly.

      However, if it is true that LFC approached City with an offer of a straight swap, you have to admit that the writing does seem to be on the wall for Carroll, don't you Dave? It's hardly showing confidence in him.


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      • If its true yes, but I would find it highly doubtful that it is true for a number of reasons.

        Tevez does not meet the mold for our owners in terms of age or re-sale value, and would cost way too much in wages (they don't seem to mind high transfer fees but the wage bill is watched very carefully).

        I also not sure he fits the bill for Kenny either from a player standpoint. Kenny has been adamant that he only wants team players, to the point I know you for one think he goes over board in defending players who make up that team, so I just don't think he'd want someone who is granted a very gifted footballer, but is now and will always be, an individual before a member of the team.