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  • Aurelio Aurelio Jan 30, 2012 13:41 Flag

    No Transfers. Squad as it is..

    Wise words Miguel. I think we can all understand your disappointment Armchair, a proven goal scorer coming in would have given us a great imputes to go on and get fourth. But I am kinda glad that there wont be any panic buying of overpriced players this time around. They obviously had there targets and couldn't get them this time around so will wait. I like that, we seemed to have been bullied in the transfer market ever since Benitez's time. On the bright side we have Bellamy and Suarez on top form and I can't wait to see them up front together. Kuyt and Carroll are on the road to finding form so there is every reason to be hopeful that our goal drought will not continue for long.

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    • My sentiments exactly Aurelio!

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      • Actually if the desire is to have a proven goal scorer I think you'll find we already have one.

        Suarez came to us with a phenomenal scoring record in the Dutch league. Last season, especially considering it was his first half season in English football he still had a great scoring record. His scoring record this season has no doubt taken a bit of a beating, but if you consider the "woodwork" argument and looked at this another way, even this season he has a tremendous on target record, just unfortunately, and mainly down to luck and good goal keeping not the back of the net record.

        If you think I'm being a bit tricky here, consider what you mean by a "proven goal scorer". I assume you mean someone who has proven he can score in the past. Some might add proven in the prem. But just because someone has scored in the past does not mean they will score with us. Take the above as evidence, but also look at other players who at one point or another were "proven goal scorers": Torres, Berbatov, Keane.... should I go on?

      • Armchair who exactly is the prolific goal scorer you want Liverpool to buy? The top strikers who bang goals in regularly are all going to be involved in the 2nd round of Champions League. Any top target we have may/will be waiting to see where we finish in the league before deciding on whether to move to us.

        We will see out this season with the current squad and then KD with Commolli will asess our squad in terms of strength and look to recruit the appropriate players for problem areas, however you are right in a sense I expect us to make a move for another striker come June to either compliment Suarez/Carroll or as an alternative to AC. Until we have concrete targets then I'm just going to wait.