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  • Jason Jason Jan 30, 2012 12:27 Flag

    No Transfers. Squad as it is..

    I for one, am thoroughly disappointed because I believe it to be the truth despite having a great imagination. I don't think there should be buying for buying's sake, but the club well and truly could have done with at least 1 senior player who can attack and find the back of the net, whether striker or creative wide player..

    I get the whole chemistry and unity thing, and if the team continues performing like the have the last 2 matches, every week, then top 4 will be very acheiveable, but we've been blessed in not losing too many players to injury/fitness, and the season now becomes a grind.. So, what if Bellamy or when he returns, Suarez gets an actual injury?

    Other teams in front, have done or will add, even Newcastle with the signing of Cisse (not the one we know) and sooner than expected return of Demba Ba from African Cup of nations. Chavski get Drogba and Kalou back, Arsenal get Gervinho and Chamakh back, and Spurs have enough depth up front in Ade, Defoe, Pav.. so we still stand where we are, attacking wise and talent wise vs the teams we're battling against and their improvements..

    "Kenny Dalglish is adamant that Liverpool will conduct no business in what is left of the transfer window.

    The boss expects no new additions to the first-team squad at Melwood before the window closes on Tuesday night.

    He said: "There'll be nothing happening here in the transfer window, in or out. There's no need to ask any questions about transfers or speculation or anything else."

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    • I too am slightly disappointed Jason as will be many other fans I´m sure.

      However, looking at our goal scoring capability players we still have - in no particular order - Carroll, Suarez, Bellamy, Gerrard, Adam, Downing, Maxi, Henderson, Kuyt, Johnson and even Agger and Skrtyl from set pieces. I have a sneaky suspicion that the pass and move way we play favours any of those as opposed to feeding an out and out striker and KK has reasserted his determination to work with Carroll and the squad to play to his strengths, a strategy which we saw amply justified against Manure.

      All in all then, happy or not, I am prepared to wait and see what they can collectively achieve.

    • So KD is the man for us huh? When it's bloody obvious we need a goalscorer...

      None of our current players are proven out & out goalscorers..

      Yet deluded fans still think KD is the man for us!!

      So pray tell where will all these sudden goals come from eh? If we don't buy any1? Yet as you rightly say other clubs are gonna strengthen, which leaves us again playing catch up with a bunch of average players. Who on rare occasion play better than they actually do on a regular basis...

      I'm more than disappointed.. I was was excited about this transfer window as were all of us..

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      • Guys, what you say is true but I go back to my woodwork comment in another thread. All that is separating us from the top two this season is four inches the wrong side of goal on seventeen occasions - and that from an "average" bunch of players. True, it´d be great to have a Messi or Cavani but who are we to dictate what happens at Anfield? We have to have faith in what is being done there and any talk of sacking Kenny at this stage is not only disloyal but plain amateurish.

    • I think King Kenny wouldn't turn down a good player being offered on the last day of the window.

      Such as when Spurs took Rafael Van Der Vaart with hours/minutes till the window closed last year.

      So who knows the right player gets offered I hope we'll be ready to take up the deal.

      So players who are frozen out of their first teams are the most likely option.

    • Im not so worried about the teams above us strengthening. I dont really think any of them have particularly. That Cisse fella doesnt sound like something I would want at LFC and would anyone start Gary Cahill over Agger or Skrtel? Other then that, none of them have bought anyone so I dont see that getting them furthur ahead. I have watched Andy Carroll play well against both United and Bolton and soon the pressure will be off him as everyone expects no goals and a donkey like display, then he can only suprise us! Downing is improving and Henderson isnt forming the butt of any jokes anywhere so thats a bonus! Shelvey looks to be stepping up a level whilst we have a returning to form skipper and a volatile Uruguayan looking to unleash some vengeance on Spurs and United.

      If we manage to put Wolves away on Tuesday then we will go into the matches with Spurs and United brimming with confidence. The next game really is the most important one.

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      • I hope Suarez comes back with a venom to score goals like never before..

        Carroll squandered his chance to be selected automatically.. Lets look at what Carroll has done since Suarez has been out..

        He's not improved not scored goals like he could've done.. People saying he'll improve and come good..

        A striker either has it in them to score goals and for fun or they don't and Carroll doesn't.. people can go on wrapping him in cotton wool all they like..

        When all's said and done we've yet another piece of deadwood in Carroll.. He should be got rid of asap..

    • Sounds like Tevez to me!

    • Simple fact is Henry WILL NOT give Dalglish more millions until he sees value for what has already been spent. Of the 4 £20m and over players only Suarez has really produced.

    • I think you have got a little over zealous of late Jason! I was angry after Bolton and Stoke, really felt they were chances missed but funny how the picture changes so quick. Chelsea face United on the weekend so a packed house at Anfield on Monday night could do us wonders.

      Can you really say that Suarez, Enrique and Bellamy have been just OK signings?! The 3 of them have been as good as anything in the league this year, would you really take Yakubus strike form over Suarez' skill and endeavour?!

    • Hobs,

      I was being sarcastic in saying "OK", (meant very good) I should have elaborated better.. I'm getting annoyed that all of the players bought aren't given enough credit, and lumped in with a couple that could do a little bit better.

      I think Suarez, Enrique, Bellamy have been brilliant, Henderson very very good, and starting to see signs of Downing, Adam and Carroll playing much better with plenty of room to grow, not to mention in his few appearances I think Coates has looked very good for a 20 year old CB.

      It's getting tiresome that people keep banging on this drum that there is/was no money or that Kenny wasn't allowed to spend. It's basically saying no faith in Kenny, which I have plenty of and I'm sure when he dips into the market again he'll get more quality. I don't know John Henry personally, but I'm betting a few sheckles on the fact KD could have spent whatever he wanted (ruling out the Hazard's/Cavani's etc) ..

      I like this team and think with 2 big pieces and maybe a 3rd part, they are well on their way to challenge the top next season, and are competing for 3 top goals already!

    • Thats the spirit Jason. Don't like to see two solid Liverpool supporters like you and Hobs at odds.

      The Boston people have money to spend. Don't doubt that. But it will be done in a measured , considered and deliberate fashion. They have faith in Kenny Dalglish and the process he has put in place. What a night and day difference from H & G and that fiasco. I'm sure they're looking a year or two down the road and liking what they're seeing.

      Getting Luis Suarez back for the Spurs match is excellent. No doubt Steven will play after being rested. And Bellamy and Kuyt smelling goals.....priceless. This squad redeemed their skipper's faith in them. Now they smell blood.

      And despite doubters like Armchair ( sorry mate, but I've yet to hear you say anything positive about the lad ) I believe that Andy Carroll is beginning to regain his confidence. This can only bode well. The big fella needs to cause some havok. Do it.

      Fix bayonets.

    • Never anyone at odds here... I took sarcasm to the next level and it didn't translate well in my post, which was all positive, in favor of our players, our club and the owners who in American terms I dislike (Yankees v Sox), but Liverpool wise I love. I remember over a year ago when that whole fiasco was looking grim and they came calling that despite my disdain for their Sox, I never had a single doubt in what they would and could do, and aside from maybe multi billionnaires with a passion for sport, we could not have asked for better owners. That's fact.

      There's a movie that just came out, "Moneyball", and apologies if it is well known, I don't know the film structure/culture across the pond, but obviously for those who do know it's based on an amazing true story, and it's a plan that John Henry's team have replicated over here with much success, and I see it happening there..

      Perhaps some of the "Debbie Downers" who see the entire glass empty, for what reason I'll never know, should watch. I'm guilty of not having patience, that's just how I am, but it's usually for good things and success, but as much as I want it all now, I can see it ALL happening very soon.. Rome wasn't built in a day

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