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  • Robert M Robert M Feb 1, 2012 14:49 Flag

    What is it about . . . .

    I'm far less concerned with Rangers fans booing Terry than I am about Chelsea fans picking on Ferdinand. Ferdinand's done nothing to deserve abuse.

    There's booing and booing. I agree that giving a bit of stick to the rivals is just part of the fun. But I deplore:
    - booing an opposition player who is lying on the ground because your player has just fouled and injured him
    - booing the team list of the League 2 team come to play you in the cup on their big day

    The picking on Ferdinand/Evra is similar to the booing of the injured player that your player just fouled. It's inappropriate and bad. To excuse it with "there are still a good few Liverpool fans who feel the whole truth may not have come out of the process" just shows that it is you and they who made up your minds and weren't going to let evidence get in the way of deciding your man is the victim, rather than seeing it as you would if you weren't a Liverpool fan.