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  • Tasty Geezer Tasty Geezer Jan 31, 2012 09:09 Flag

    What is it about . . . .

    . . . the disgusting, racist , vile club known as LFC ?

    Showing another one of yer racists on the match highlights . . . you just couldn't make it up!

    Know doubt you lot will be on here trying to exonerate another one of yer racist fans.

    First Suarez, then the Oldham match racist , now monkey racist, how many more? . . . oh hang on . . . all those racists that were booing the Vindicated Evra.

    Disgusting fans, disgusting players and basically a disgusting club!

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    • Anybody who clams to be a fan that makes racist or any bigotry gestures aint no fan of LFC..

      I don't suppose you're aware of troublemakers just turning up to just make trouble..

      Or are you just simply so niave Tasty Geezer?

      Besides that person will be seen on camera and dealt with by the the appropriate authorities.. No doubt banned by LFC too..

      As will anybody thinking of copying such a lowlife and desperate act...

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      • Why are we responding to a Manc who is just here to keep the racist subject firmly alive on the Liverpool board. This all comes from a supporter who is part of the support group in rankchester claiming that we are thieves, benefit frauds, drug addicts, racists and murderers etc etc etc.

        Obviously this unbiased mancunian hasn't read the news for a good few years..... Manchester has more crime, more benefit fraud, higher unemployment, more drug addicts, more racist and anti semetic attacks and more murders than Liverpool!!!! Look at the statistics you Manc fool and then try and squirm around the true facts!

    • First the idiot who made the monkey sign was from Bournemouth
      hardly a scouser
      Booing Evra is an acceptable way of putting players off it was not a racist act and it worked for Kuyt's goal

    • Robert of course the Neville comment was disingenuous; it was a tongue in cheek comment back to the manc I was responding too. You’re the only one taking it seriously.

      In fact here you go again, wanting to talk about the subject you keep accusing others of being obsessed with.

      You know very clearly my opinion on the matter, and you know very well its highly unlikely your going to change my mind. So again, why?

      Come on Robert, let it go. You’re not going to convince those who hold a different opinion than yourself, at least not at this stage, so why not get back to talking about the actual football. Most on here welcome different views from rival fans, but even the patient amongst us get bored of someone banging on about the same thing again and again.

      Suarez is back on Monday, what do you think the odds are he’ll get a goal before Torres? Surely that’s a bit more fun to talk about that the fact fans boo opposition players.

    • I'm far less concerned with Rangers fans booing Terry than I am about Chelsea fans picking on Ferdinand. Ferdinand's done nothing to deserve abuse.

      There's booing and booing. I agree that giving a bit of stick to the rivals is just part of the fun. But I deplore:
      - booing an opposition player who is lying on the ground because your player has just fouled and injured him
      - booing the team list of the League 2 team come to play you in the cup on their big day

      The picking on Ferdinand/Evra is similar to the booing of the injured player that your player just fouled. It's inappropriate and bad. To excuse it with "there are still a good few Liverpool fans who feel the whole truth may not have come out of the process" just shows that it is you and they who made up your minds and weren't going to let evidence get in the way of deciding your man is the victim, rather than seeing it as you would if you weren't a Liverpool fan.


    • No doubt Suarez will score before Torres does. Remember, Liverpool has Torres' pin code for scoring and not Chelsea

    • Come on, to suggest Evra got booed because everyone was missing Neville is, shall we say, a trifle disingenuous? I know that not even you believe that.

      So your point of view on Suarez is that everyone accepts his guilt except you and the reason you don't is because you pay more attention to things than the rest of us? So we've all missed something? Care to tell us what it is?

      My guess is you have no more relevant information than the rest of us because the relevant information is what came out of the report and we are as capable of reading that as you. I can certainly believe that you have studied the LFC website more than the average non-LFC supporter, but I hope you're not thinking that that is a source of unbiased information. As we know, it has been a source of great hostility to Evra, going as far as to libel him.


    • dsteer...good post mate, telling it the way it is but many of these supporters of other clubs on OUR board would rather see things the way they arent.

    • Robert you need to lighten up mate, not everything you see wrong with football is a sign of the downfall of society.

      Fact is there is always plenty of booing at a match between Liverpool and Utd. It does not take a racism case to bring out the boo boys. Evra is just the current pantomime villain, just as Rooney has been, and an old favorite, Neville, who always got plenty of stick, and often tried to return in kind.

      Is it appropriate to boo someone who's been proven the victim of racial abuse? Probably not, and I doubt I'd join in if I was there. But it’s not appropriate to boo a player who's been injured but fans think he's taking too long to get on a stretcher, but we've all seen that. In fact was it correct for the QPR fans to boo Terry over the weekend? He's not been proven to have done anything wrong yet, so should be considered innocent until proven guilty, but still the Rangers faithful gave him an earful.

      End of the day that's football, its not always dignified, not always right, and rarely politically correct. But also do consider that while you've made up your mind on the Suarez/Evra case, the press has also, and obviously the FA panel did, as they found him guilty, there are still a good few Liverpool fans who feel the whole truth may not have come out of the process. Does that give them the right to boo, I don't know, but I don't think it makes them racist or actually much different from the majority of vocal supporters in the stands.

    • Robert you really won't let this one go. Why?

      Fans are going to boo at football grounds whether you or I like it or not. What motivates them is going to be different for each of them, but to try and police what is onside and what is offside when it comes to what motivates a fan to boo is ridiculous.

      But where a line can be drawn is whether a fan is overly abusive in showing their displeasure at certain opposition players. Its clear LFC does not tolerate racial taunting, which is why in both FA cup fixtures fans who crossed the line were held to account with the help of the club. I'm not sure what more you or others really want on this front.

      lastly I'm sorry if my burden of proof is a little higher than your own. I don't know with certainty, or beyond a reasonable doubt what was said between Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez. The panel found the preponderance of evidence supported Evra's version of events more likely than Suarez's which was enough to get him banned for 8 matches however. The club accepts that, the player accepts that, as do I, however accepting its likely he abused Evra is quite a long way off proving to my satisfaction that he did. But if you accept preponderance of evidence as proof, so be it.

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