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  • Although....either Carroll's or Suarez's header could have been a yard one side or the other and we'd have had all three. Give credit to Spurs defense , they are hard to break through. The young ref messed up a couple times but still he was impartial....unlike Webb yesterday. Thought Luis Suarez would have got more minutes , but I ain't second guessing Kenny , support our manager 100%. A point is better than no point.

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    • Babe, he certainly gave us paws for thought. Mind you, if he´d got anywhere near Skrtyl or Suarez´s boots, it could have proved cat astrophic for him!

    • The ref probably thought it was just a knee-jerk reaction after being suspended for 9 games!

    • I did think oh no when he did kick at him but i do think the ref did not send him off because of the fact he has been out for so long so maybe he thought he was lacking match fitness or something but he was lucky to get away with it as it was some kick to the chest.


    • they were poor gags!

      sorry to have to say this, but i thought suarez was an idiot again. an intentional kick at parker, no way was he going for the ball. should have been a straight red for violent conduct.
      why does he do things like that? no need for it.

      3rd time this season a player has commited violent conduct on parker & got away with it.

    • That made me laugh alot lol someone will deff has to snatch that cat up.


    • Forgot to mention Glen Johnson , the lad played awfully well. How many times did he not only stop his man but singlehandedly take the ball away from him , three times? Four?The skipper played his usual excellent match. His feeds into the box ought to produce better results. About the one complaint ( other than another bloody draw ) was Spearing repeatedly passing the ball to Tottenham. He will improve. Perhaps watching from the sideline would improve his vision.

    • i was dreading the game due to all our injuries so im very happy with the pt.

      we were there for the taking but we fought hard.
      a fair result in the end.

      it was a pretty poor match & in the end the most interesting part was the cat!

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      • spurs babe...have to disagree with u on the quality of the game; thought it was a good open end to end game neither side particularly dominating the other could have probably done with seing both keepers tested a little more but that wasnt due to any ineptness on the part of either team more down to excellent defensive cohesion from both sides.
        I think the one disappointing feature of the game was the primadonna behavior of BALE...a quality player but perhaps if the rumours are true about Barca wanting to ffer 40 mill for him Harry would do well to take it and continue to build what looks like a very good side.