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    Had a gutful...

    WTF is Suarez trying to do to Scott Parker in this picture???


    In almost 35 years of supporting this club, this is the first time I can recall being officially sick to death of a player donning our famous red shirt. I've had enough of this complete plank, and the shyte he continues to draw to the club.

    Strike 1 - the racial abuse controversy
    Strike 2 - the obscene gesture at Fulham
    Strike 3 - two appalling incidents tonight against Scott Parker.

    Only minutes back on the field from his 8 game ban (when you'd expect any other player to tread carefully!), he delivers a ludicrous boot to the stomach for Parker. Don't care if there was intent or not.... what was he thinking??? I know what... fk all!!

    Not only that, he decides to try and claw his eyes out in a later challenge. In other football codes, that kind of thing that would be an automatic suspension, whether the ref saw it or not. Hats off to Parker for not losing his rag completely, most other players probably would have.

    The guy has undoubted talent, but he is one of the dirtiest players I've ever seen in a red shirt. He'd have to be one of the most hated players in the EPL right now, by both neutrals and rival fans/players alike. It's hard to argue with Rooney tweeting that he should have seen red considering the challenge was sighted by the ref. I think he got off light considering he was only minutes into his return from an 8 game ban.

    He's in the headlines again, for all the wrong reasons, dragging the club through the shyt. I dread to think what a fired up Old Trafford will push him to do on the weekend, especially after the abuse Evra had to deal with at Anfield a few weeks back. We could see another Cantona kung-fu kick!

    The idiot just can't control himself, and is I believe turning into a liability for the club and it's proud image. And for that fact alone, I want him GONE in the summer. I don't care how many goals he bangs in for the club (which btw I'm pretty confident won't be nearly enough to even raise an eyebrow anyway).

    And I wish Kenny would stop blindly defending him. The constant denial is getting a wee bit embarrassing now. Just stop bringing it up. Let it go....move on...... put the whole sorry episode behind you and look forward.


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    • Whitney Houston's liver was so Black that,

      John Terry used to send it hate mail .

    • Apologies issued via owners pointing gun at the two relevant LFC parties. Better late than never to in some way restore the dignity of LFC but a lot of damage has been done.

    • There is only one way to sort out this mess. Make Evra and Saurez state under oath what was said. I don't believe Evra is the innocent party and I want the truth. This is how I think things went. Fregy" this Saurez is a hot head, Evra you mouth to him and a couple of wee digs and try to get him sent off". Evra does just that, and when his plan doesn't work he tells everyone "he called me a negro" forgetting the fact that he called Suarez a Spic. It seems Spic is not seen as racist or that black people are somehow immune from being rasist. I want to know how many times Evra used this or any other words inorder to enrage Suarez and the only way is under truth.

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      • Actually I think the way to get beyond this is for those who keep saying they want to draw a line under this to actually do so rather than keep whipping things up.

        So he did not shake his hand, so what. Maybe he should of,maybe it was childish not to, but does it warrant all this fuss?

        The handshake is about respect and Suarez and Evra obviously don't respect each other so it would have been empty if there hands had touched so why bother?

        Suarez did not shake hands because he does not like or respect Evra, not because of racism . Same reason what Rio did not shake Suarez's hand, same reason the FA cancelled the handshakes for the Chelsea QPR match, and why Wayne Bridge did not shake Terry's hand a while back. I don't remember as much fuss on those

    • Dont usually write on these boards any longer as theyre usually full of headcases but i have to say ABU has restored some of my faith. Unfortunately his prophecy has come true and Mr Suarez's behaviour at Old Trafford has indeed brought more shame on Liverpool. Developing a siege mentality and comradship amongst staff is one thing but Kennys refusal to acknowledge Suarez as a problem only serves to condone Suarez's behaviour. I dont think Liverpool should sell what is one of their best players but its definitely time for Kenny to show some leaderships and condemn Suarez's continuing appauling behaviour. Only then can the damage to Liverpool's worldwide image be reversed.

    • Seriously? Wow.

      The reason he's in the papers again is because the press love a villain, real or made up. They will watch Suarez (and Terry, and Barton, and anyone else they think can make a juicy story) to try to find the smallest thing to blow up to the next big controversy.

      I personally still don't believe that he racially abused Evra, at least not as the report stated he did. That's my opinion and its based on the fact it was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. I know that is not the standard the FA required, nor is it the standard many individuals have who have now labeled him a racist. However it is my standard not just because he's a Liverpool player, but because its the standard I try to apply to anyone before I start thinking the worst of them.

      The gesture at Fulham. Wrong yes, silly absolutely. A hanging (or selling) offense I don't think so. If you rounded up all the players who've ever lost their cool in an opposing clubs ground and done something they shoudl not have, you'd have one long list. And, most likely a single finger would be the least of the offenses.

      Lastly, let me explain what he was thinking. Actually you already did. Since you already said you think it was not intentional then obviously he was not thinking of actually causing harm. If fact if it was not intentional then obviously it was an accident. Maybe he was lucky, there may have been refs out there who would have taken into account the fact so many people are gunning for Suarez and jumped to the conclusion he did it deliberately and therefore shown him a red. So maybe it is lucky the ref saw dangerous unintentional contact in a crowded penalty box with multiple players going for a loose ball for what it actually was.

      Lastly if many people hate Suarez it does not concern me. There are many villains real and made up in football, but the main reason they remain villains is because they are players other teams and there fans fear. Do you really think Rooney was trying to have a high minded discussion on what should and should not be allowed when there is contact between players? Or do you suppose he wished the current pantomime villain in the mancs eyes would not be playing come Saturday?

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      • Dave, you say he's only in the press because they love a villain.... and they've blown something small out of proportion. I don't think racism in sport - alleged or otherwise - is small. The mud from this entire sad episode, and the club's response to it, is going to stick for some time and it p1sses me off.

        Not sure if you saw the link that Manc p1sstaker put up further up the thread, but that's the kind of warped publicity and behaviour this clown is actually INSPIRING at the club! Some fans are actually applauding his actions, despite the fact they have resulted in dragging the clubs reputation through the mud.

        Like you, I don't think he's a racist. Culturally naive, maybe. But it's taken me some time to get to this point, it's not knee-jerk. His antics drive me mental, and I'm sick of them.

        And like Robert I don't buy the 'fear' argument.

        I just think he's become a shameful waste of talent. And the next controversy won't be far away.

      • Dave, can we get past this idea that people don't like Suarez because they fear him. It's just fantasy. I used to fear Torres far more when he played for you but I didn't dislike him. I fear gerrard and RVP and saha and Hernandez more than Suarez but I don't dislike them. There are many Liverpool players past and present who I think as good as or better than Suarez. I don't dislike them. Indeed I have praised many on this board.

        Suarez has become very unpopular, even with some of your own fans. It's not because we all think he's Messi in disguise. He's not Messi in disguise. He's a good player who a lot of people think does too much bad stuff on the pitch. There's the repeated throwing his arms in the air demanding some help from the referee. That's pretty annoying. But the bans for biting and abusing, and this kick and apparent gouge suggest something deeper and nastier.

        Dave, you're sounding like dalglish. Defend him no matter what. that's your right but the more he does and the more you declare his innocence the more it looks like prejudice speaking, rather than reason. Seriously Dave, if this was a United player, would your conclusions be the same?


    • In that picture he's doing what every other striker does with a defender.. he's battliing for the ball..

      Ever since Suarez & Evra, Suarez is put under the microscope everytime he's tackling a player..

      Lets just move on..

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      • He's battling for the ball, yes. However, it's not acceptable to battle for the ball by having your hand around another player's head. There only looks like one interpretation of the picture, which is that the hand around the head is deliberate.

        It's quite extraordinary that in his comeback one third of a match he appears to have committed two red cardable fouls, and seems rather lucky to have got away with it.


    • 'Just stop bringing it up. Let it go....move on.' - do you mean like you have Abu?

    • Hats off to you ABU, excellent post. The behavior of Dalglish and some of your fans has been disturbing, so intelligent, objective, and most importantly SANE posts like this are imperative.


      How does anyone expect Suarez to have learned from his mistakes when Dalglish keeps saying he did nothing wrong?

      Its beyond belief that he's got so much support from the club, that whole T-shirt thing was psychotic.

      The game coming up has to be a worry, I just hope there are more like you out there, because even here you appear to be in a minority.

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      • well writen, abu. he is a nasty piece of work liverpool doesn`t need a player like like him. he may respect everybody and everyone. and when he comes to play it is with the ilusion of a little boy who is going to kick the ball.... .in holland he was hated; here in england, it hasn`t taken long, despised in almost every field. the name liverpool fc is synonimous of class. i don`t know for how long dalglish should be aware of it

      • I would like to know if all the fans esp from manure would demand that SAF get shut if he played for them?
        Now I appreciate some of you are such glory hunters that you probably can't remember Cantona or rather more importantly his punishment for his little bruce lee tribute act!
        He was, after being arrested, sentenced to a two week jail sentence(later changed to 120 hrs community service, a £10k fine and an EIGHT MONTH WORLDWIDE BAN!
        Now I know our memories can play tricks on us as we get older, but I can't recall anyone surrounding old trafford with pitchforks and burning torches demanding Man Utd exile their monster for crimes committed once he'd served his time!
        Now obviously some people will say Suerez's crime was the greater(although if you asked most people which is the mightier the word or a set of screw in studs,I've a feeling the nikes would win!
        But Suerez has done his sentence and should be allowed to continue his reabilitation.
        And honestly does anyone really think even he is that stupid to intentionally maim parker 5 minutes into his return?
        Unfortunately society is now a selfish,viscious,vindictive place to be(just read the hateful,spiteful bile written on here sometimes,where it seems to be more about slagging off another club than supporting your own)and Suerez will be victimised and eventually hounded out of english football,but whilst he wears the red of LFC he should be given our support.

    • I remember posting on here that Suarez is now a 'damaged goods' for Liverpool. It didn't take long to be proven right.

      The racism thing won't go away anytime soon, Suarez is just one unsavoury incident away from being brought to the surface again and rehashed by our tabloid-driven press.

      If I were Kenny, I'd get rid of him in the summer. He's not worth the trouble he's attracting to the club.

    • Unfortunately the racism problem will never go away until he eventually leaves/retires.