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  • Dont talk complete rubbish. How many times have you seen a player swing his leg like that happens every week. Its just cause its Saurez its highlighted.

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    • Suarez is a wrong'un,

      throughout his career he has had a record of violent conduct at almost every club he's played for no matter what the level.

      It really isn't 'just cause its Suarez', its just because he is proving that he's still nasty, calculating thug. You don't get a name like 'The Cannibal of Ajax' for nothing.

      He has undoubted ability and when he's on form and not assulting someone he's a joy to watch, I was gutted when we (Spurs) didn't even attempt to sign him, now I'm delighted.

      Its good to see some Liverpool fans can recognise this, the rest of you need to take the red goggles of.