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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Feb 7, 2012 13:01 Flag

    Had a gutful...

    Hats off to you ABU, excellent post. The behavior of Dalglish and some of your fans has been disturbing, so intelligent, objective, and most importantly SANE posts like this are imperative.


    How does anyone expect Suarez to have learned from his mistakes when Dalglish keeps saying he did nothing wrong?

    Its beyond belief that he's got so much support from the club, that whole T-shirt thing was psychotic.

    The game coming up has to be a worry, I just hope there are more like you out there, because even here you appear to be in a minority.

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    • I would like to know if all the fans esp from manure would demand that SAF get shut if he played for them?
      Now I appreciate some of you are such glory hunters that you probably can't remember Cantona or rather more importantly his punishment for his little bruce lee tribute act!
      He was, after being arrested, sentenced to a two week jail sentence(later changed to 120 hrs community service, a £10k fine and an EIGHT MONTH WORLDWIDE BAN!
      Now I know our memories can play tricks on us as we get older, but I can't recall anyone surrounding old trafford with pitchforks and burning torches demanding Man Utd exile their monster for crimes committed once he'd served his time!
      Now obviously some people will say Suerez's crime was the greater(although if you asked most people which is the mightier the word or a set of screw in studs,I've a feeling the nikes would win!
      But Suerez has done his sentence and should be allowed to continue his reabilitation.
      And honestly does anyone really think even he is that stupid to intentionally maim parker 5 minutes into his return?
      Unfortunately society is now a selfish,viscious,vindictive place to be(just read the hateful,spiteful bile written on here sometimes,where it seems to be more about slagging off another club than supporting your own)and Suerez will be victimised and eventually hounded out of english football,but whilst he wears the red of LFC he should be given our support.

    • well writen, abu. he is a nasty piece of work liverpool doesn`t need a player like like him. he may respect everybody and everyone. and when he comes to play it is with the ilusion of a little boy who is going to kick the ball.... .in holland he was hated; here in england, it hasn`t taken long, despised in almost every field. the name liverpool fc is synonimous of class. i don`t know for how long dalglish should be aware of it