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  • Pearless J Pearless J Feb 8, 2012 02:06 Flag

    Had a gutful...

    well writen, abu. he is a nasty piece of work liverpool doesn`t need a player like like him. he may respect everybody and everyone. and when he comes to play it is with the ilusion of a little boy who is going to kick the ball.... .in holland he was hated; here in england, it hasn`t taken long, despised in almost every field. the name liverpool fc is synonimous of class. i don`t know for how long dalglish should be aware of it

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    • We've had hard men at LFC in the past when on the pitch..

      Ruddock & McMahon spring to mind..

      Suarez is another kind of hard man he intimidates other players.. If that means it contributes to a goal then I'm all for it unless they cause physical harm to other players which could end a players career..

      I'd like to think Suarez wouldn't injure a rival player physically.. but football is a contact sport so when did players of rival teams suddenly become pansies?

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      • Hard? He's not seen as hard. Agger or Skrtel might be seen as hard. If Suarez was hard he wouldn't be falling over all the time and crying to the referee about it. Suarez is seen as trying to get cheap free kicks and penalties on the one hand, and on the other through behaving badly to other players, whether through biting, abusing or, now, kicking or gouging.

        Regarding intentions, I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt on the kick to the stomach, although I think he was lucky he didn't get a red for it. It's harder on the other stuff.