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  • Paddy Paddy Feb 10, 2012 12:56 Flag

    Man U v LFC

    Hey Robert

    That's a good one :-).

    Enjoy yourself Skiing - I'm in the French Alps at the moment and its very, very cold.

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    • It's baldy cold here too and we haven't even got to the Alps yet. -6 on the road down to Paris in the early evening yesterday.

      I know it's using up too many resources and burning up the world until we get to man-made Armageddon in fifty years, but there is something fabulous about rolling up at a nice comfortable Novotel after a long drive, having dinner and a drink and plugging the iPad in to the nice free complimentary Orange wifi. Even if all I do with it then is continue an argument with a bunch of pretend scousers in disparate parts of cyberspace. Our ancestors of even a hundred years ago couldn't have imagined it, let alone those of a thousand years, or ten thousand years ago. The luxury compared to most of the experience of life in the earth's history...

      Oh well, back to today. Take a point off united and have a good fight with some more red cards and bans.