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  • Loki Loki Feb 11, 2012 17:19 Flag

    Fergie's right but a hypocrite

    Suarez was a d*ckhead not shaking Evra's hand, now more negative headlines about the club. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's sick of this issue....

    Fergie was his typical poisonous self post match, but he seemed to skate over the fact that Ferdinand refused to shake Suarez's hand didn't he?

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    • Yes he did.

      Fergie though was able to condemn Evra's actions at the end of the game. Dalglish's response from day 1 to this whole affair has either been blind denial, or unanimous support for Suarez.

      Dalglish said he 'didn't see the handshake snub'. Just an incredible response when I think it's something pretty everyone watching the game would be watching closely, considering the build up to this one!

      I've found his stance to be incredible, really. Especially from someone who knows the club and what it stands for as well as he does.

      It's like the damage that's being done to the club's image is invisible to him!

    • Fergie is a hypocrite, fact. The best football manager in the world today,possibly, but to suggest Suarez should never play for Liverpool again for not shaking hands with a man who's accusations he still rebuffs, yet giving his full backing to a player who lunged two-footed into the crowd and subsequently being banned for EIGHT MONTHS. Suarez, debatable words with one accuser, Cantona potential ABH/GBH witnessed by millions.

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      • If by "Giving his full backing to" Cantona, you mean immediately banning him for the rest of the season (5 months), then yes, he did...

        Suarez's "debatable words" were admitted to by Suarez himself and Evra's accusations were backed up by tesimony from match officials, Liverpool players and by video evidence. In recent weeks he's apologised for it (but not to the guy he should have) and recently he's said it was all a part of the game and "What happens on the pitch stays on the pitch" as if that means he should be able to get away with whatever he wants without consequence.

        In my opinion, Ferguson has no real right to say who should or should not play for Liverpool, it's none of his or United's business. He's right to say he's a disgrace though. We've had our own players that have brought trouble and on occasion shame onto United, but not one that does it week in, week out, whether it's giving out racist abuse, diving, eye gouging, hair pulling, rib kicking, shoulder biting, refusing to shake hands with the person you have wronged etc. We've had divers, we've had dirty players, we've had players do things in their personal lives that most would disapprove of, but this guy is the complete package - all the most odious qualities rolled into one and his actions are dragging the name of your once-great club through the mud. All for 6 goals.

    • Loki...Ive seen pix that seem to prove it was a scripted affair with Evra holding his hand back when Suarez approached and only making like to extend the arm as he was passing him by then grabbin onto Suarez to pull him back and at the same time and immediately after indicating to otherts that he had been snubbed ...this whole affair has been scripted...why? ....ASK U SELF THE ONLY PLAYER WE HAVE RIGHT NOW WHO ON SHEER TALent and technical ability who would walk straight into any other top four side on current form is ...LOUIS SUAREZ. The thing Ferguson lives in fear of is a Liverpool revival and the key figure right now for such a revival would be ...LOUIS SUAREZ...if he can deprive us of his talents or unsettle the lad to the point where he wanted out of England hed have done his job...its all well scripted and choreographed I will give SAF that.

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      • Colin, I know you've supported this club longer than most posters on here.

        But do you honestly give credence to this theory?

        I've watched the handshake thing over and over again. It seems pretty clear to me that, after shaking the linesmans hand, Suarez goes right past Evra to De Gea. I don't see anything scripted there by Evra or the United players. If it was as you suggest, why did Suarez make no effort to deny a 'scripted' attack on his integrity as you suggest? There was no effort from him.

        He went out there intent on sending a message not just to Evra, but to everyone watching, that he still believes he is innocent. I can't believe Kenny or the club would have sent him out there with instructions to do what he did. He took it into his own hands, it was all about self before club.

        Noone is bigger than the club, you know that, Kenny knows that and I would have thought that message would have been drummed into Suarez. It seems for that split second anyway, he forgot it.

        Which is a real shame.

    • I agree but Ferdinand probably did so after the Evra refusal..not sure on that. Whole situation will fester. If LFC didn't want to appeal then Suarez via Club should have issued an apology through gritted teeth even if he didn't mean it. It's done all the time in all walks of life. The heat would be taken out of the situation. Now the flames are fanned. It DOES bring shame on the name of LFC as things stand.

    • You really are a dumb sh*t lokiherpes. How can even the most one-eyed, biased Liverpool fan be surprised Rio refused to shake his hand after the way that racist c*nt Suarez acted??!

      Your disgusting clubs reputation is once again in tatters, and most of the blame has to go to Dogleash.

    • honestly speaking everything that seems to be dragging liverpool fc through the mud seems to revolve around suarez at the minute

      you cant take away the fact the lad is a top player but come on today was a chance to show everyone he could be a bigger man and all it took was a 2 second hand shake instead he chose to take the slightly shaky moral high ground

      now i have supported liverpool for over 30 years and i can honestly say i have never seen a player behave the way suarez has and get away with it

      in retrospect liverpool need to sit him down and tell him enoughs is enough stop causing controversy or you will be shipped out he is dragging our great club into the gutter all on his own

      YNWA JFT 96

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      • Suarez would've been the hypcrit if he'd of shook the hand who got him banned for 8 games..

        Let me ask you something if you were at work and someone got you riled up.. You then react to it just standing up for yourself.. ok somethings you had said were in the heat of the moment.. \then you find yourself suspended for 8 weeks...

        Then you come back then you're ment to shake the hand of the one that got you suspended?

        No way would I.. I'd have more self respect than that..

        Going back to Evra / Saurez issie.. lets not forget it was Evra who started it all by kicking Suarez in the first place... did he have to do that? No of course not.. but thats the man & player Evra is..