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  • John John Feb 11, 2012 17:28 Flag

    Fergie's right but a hypocrite

    honestly speaking everything that seems to be dragging liverpool fc through the mud seems to revolve around suarez at the minute

    you cant take away the fact the lad is a top player but come on today was a chance to show everyone he could be a bigger man and all it took was a 2 second hand shake instead he chose to take the slightly shaky moral high ground

    now i have supported liverpool for over 30 years and i can honestly say i have never seen a player behave the way suarez has and get away with it

    in retrospect liverpool need to sit him down and tell him enoughs is enough stop causing controversy or you will be shipped out he is dragging our great club into the gutter all on his own

    YNWA JFT 96

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    • Suarez would've been the hypcrit if he'd of shook the hand who got him banned for 8 games..

      Let me ask you something if you were at work and someone got you riled up.. You then react to it just standing up for yourself.. ok somethings you had said were in the heat of the moment.. \then you find yourself suspended for 8 weeks...

      Then you come back then you're ment to shake the hand of the one that got you suspended?

      No way would I.. I'd have more self respect than that..

      Going back to Evra / Saurez issie.. lets not forget it was Evra who started it all by kicking Suarez in the first place... did he have to do that? No of course not.. but thats the man & player Evra is..