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  • John John Feb 11, 2012 17:40 Flag

    time suarez went

    to much controversy surrounding this player hes gonna hurt someone real bad with that temper of is lets get him offloaded as soon as the summer window opens

    he just aint worth the bad press coverage or hassle how long before sponsorship deals go tits up because of his on field behaviour i am sure the liverpool board are getting tired on his nonsense i know as a fan i am getting sick of it

    YNWA JFT 96

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    • Can't agree with you here. Personally I don't think the handshake is near as big a deal as everyone is making out. He's not the first player not to shake another player’s hand, but it seems to be a criminal offense. It’s really summed up with the FA coming out and saying they will take no action because the handshake is not a disciplinary issue.

      But, what came out yesterday is that he'd led the club to believe he would shake Evra's hand and decided not to. That is an issue, as he misled his manager and club. Maybe he did that deliberately or maybe at the last minute he decided he could not shake Evra's hand. But it is an issue for the club and Suarez to deal with.

      But it is an internal club issue. The FA have already said it’s not an issue for them. Those in the media bringing up are being hypocritical as they never raised this much heat when handshakes either did not happen, or were canceled as they are with Suarez. And, it certainly has nothing to do with Fergie. Kenny rightly apologized for his post match comments, but not heard anything from Fergie yet. But if anyone thinks Fergie has a right to speak (as an elder statesman is one excuse I heard yesterday) then ask yourself what his reaction would have been if any other manager had talked about his players in the same manner.

    • Agree with you, and I am glad to see I am not alone with this view.

      Whether he is guilty or not, to me, is not relevant. The guy has been given and now served a ban for racial abuse. He needs to understand the implications that has on the CLUB he represents, not just on him as an individual.

      His handshake refusal to me smacked of putting self ahead of club. Clearly he still feels very strongly that he has done nothing wrong, perhaps he thought the handshake would be an admission of guilt? I don't know. What I do know is that the handshake was an opportunity for the individual to put an end to something that was hurting the club, and hurting it badly.

      He chose to prolong the issue and fan it even further, with no regard for the detrimental impact to the club. I just can't accept that I'm afraid.

      He has to go.

    • Its too bad more of you didn't catch on earlier, the damage has been done, and Dogleash is largely responsible for defending the racist piece of sh*t.

      Worse still a large faction of your support have shown themselves up for being the degenerates most of us knew they were.

      I guarantee you, Suarez is going to cause you more serious problems in the not too distant future, and after the way you've all supported him, I can't wait to see what lunacy he's got in store for you!

      Liverpool = SCUM

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      • take a look at your own team legend a team of rapists,druggies,liars and cheats rio ferdinand banned for refusing to take a drug test johnny evan accused of rape ryan giggs had an affair and then tried to cover it up wayne rooney visited prostitutes old enough to be his granny eric cantona assaulted an opposing teams fan i am sure there is more and as for the utd fans producing a fanzine with a kkk mask inside as a cut out makes me sick and you call liverpool scum your own club aint so squeaky clean

    • Some may say, I'm only on here when there's a loss etc for the team, but when it comes to this issue, there's no two-ways about it, Suarez IS turning out to be more of a headache than he's worth, how long can Kenny keep giving BLIND FAITH to suarez, look at the facts of the matter, LFC took the WHOLE situation in a bad way that did THEM no favours, (particularly wearing the we love suarez tops, in the immediate aftermath of the incident late last year...yeah I know it didn't say we love suarez on the clothing, but it might as well have..)

      He lets not forget is someone that had the noteriety (I think thats the right spelling) of being a bit of a cannibal in holland, when he bit a fellow player's ear?

      He's too much of a loose cannon, and he could cause severe damage to liverpool reputation across the globe....its got to be stamped out, but Dalglish WON'T DO IT...

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      • Chief Executive should have issued a Club apology or better still getting Suarez to do it after deciding not to appeal Apologies work wonders even if not meant. It's done all the time in many walks of life. Suarez shakes the hand - matter of split second. Most of the heat is taken out of the situation. Suarez and team concentrate on winning matches. Don't play United now till next season. But no we have this debacle which like it or not is dragging LFC through the gutter. LFC owners/Chief Executive MUST NOW take the iniative and get it sorted. If KD doesn't accept it for the Club's sake he can do a Capello

    • I am starting to feel the same way now i really dont think king kenny can take much more he looks ready to either get rid or walk out from the stress of it and yet again LFC are going to be plastered all over the papers tommorow and monday i know alot of people have said he dont hav e to shake his hand if he dont like him and i see where they are coming from but he really should of just done it just to put it all to bed but its just gotten alot worse now.


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      • Lets assume then that Suarez had shook Evra's hand..

        Ok for the media's attention on the club may have died down.. Chances are then then Suarez would feel like a hypocrit for shaking the hand of a man who knowingly got him ban for 8 games..

        Yes we all knew this would be a volatile game it always is against Man Utd..

        Suarez has been our best player sure he's got a fiery temper...

        We should've known that before we signed him..

        So we signed him regardless.. So the onus was on us..

        So lets assume we sell him in the summer how much you suppose we'll get for him?

        £23 - 30m? To more or less break even not including wages.. so if we put a price on his head that includes what we paid for him and wages and legal costs this Evra nonsense caused..

        Then we'll be lucky to break even..

      • Dunno how Dalglish can carry on defending a player who lied to him. Based on what Suarez led him to believe would happen Dalglish told the press that there would be a handshake but when push came to shove the player put his own petty vendetta ahead of the good name of his club and manager. If you seriously think that someome like that is gonna stay loyal to Liverpool when another club comes along waving a bigger pay cheque then you need to think again. Loyalty only flows one way for Suarez.