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  • Raaj Raaj Feb 11, 2012 18:13 Flag

    time suarez went

    Some may say, I'm only on here when there's a loss etc for the team, but when it comes to this issue, there's no two-ways about it, Suarez IS turning out to be more of a headache than he's worth, how long can Kenny keep giving BLIND FAITH to suarez, look at the facts of the matter, LFC took the WHOLE situation in a bad way that did THEM no favours, (particularly wearing the we love suarez tops, in the immediate aftermath of the incident late last year...yeah I know it didn't say we love suarez on the clothing, but it might as well have..)

    He lets not forget is someone that had the noteriety (I think thats the right spelling) of being a bit of a cannibal in holland, when he bit a fellow player's ear?

    He's too much of a loose cannon, and he could cause severe damage to liverpool reputation across the globe....its got to be stamped out, but Dalglish WON'T DO IT...

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    • Chief Executive should have issued a Club apology or better still getting Suarez to do it after deciding not to appeal Apologies work wonders even if not meant. It's done all the time in many walks of life. Suarez shakes the hand - matter of split second. Most of the heat is taken out of the situation. Suarez and team concentrate on winning matches. Don't play United now till next season. But no we have this debacle which like it or not is dragging LFC through the gutter. LFC owners/Chief Executive MUST NOW take the iniative and get it sorted. If KD doesn't accept it for the Club's sake he can do a Capello