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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Feb 11, 2012 18:20 Flag

    time suarez went

    Its too bad more of you didn't catch on earlier, the damage has been done, and Dogleash is largely responsible for defending the racist piece of sh*t.

    Worse still a large faction of your support have shown themselves up for being the degenerates most of us knew they were.

    I guarantee you, Suarez is going to cause you more serious problems in the not too distant future, and after the way you've all supported him, I can't wait to see what lunacy he's got in store for you!

    Liverpool = SCUM

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    • take a look at your own team legend a team of rapists,druggies,liars and cheats rio ferdinand banned for refusing to take a drug test johnny evan accused of rape ryan giggs had an affair and then tried to cover it up wayne rooney visited prostitutes old enough to be his granny eric cantona assaulted an opposing teams fan i am sure there is more and as for the utd fans producing a fanzine with a kkk mask inside as a cut out makes me sick and you call liverpool scum your own club aint so squeaky clean