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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Feb 13, 2012 14:52 Flag

    time suarez went

    Can't agree with you here. Personally I don't think the handshake is near as big a deal as everyone is making out. He's not the first player not to shake another player’s hand, but it seems to be a criminal offense. It’s really summed up with the FA coming out and saying they will take no action because the handshake is not a disciplinary issue.

    But, what came out yesterday is that he'd led the club to believe he would shake Evra's hand and decided not to. That is an issue, as he misled his manager and club. Maybe he did that deliberately or maybe at the last minute he decided he could not shake Evra's hand. But it is an issue for the club and Suarez to deal with.

    But it is an internal club issue. The FA have already said it’s not an issue for them. Those in the media bringing up are being hypocritical as they never raised this much heat when handshakes either did not happen, or were canceled as they are with Suarez. And, it certainly has nothing to do with Fergie. Kenny rightly apologized for his post match comments, but not heard anything from Fergie yet. But if anyone thinks Fergie has a right to speak (as an elder statesman is one excuse I heard yesterday) then ask yourself what his reaction would have been if any other manager had talked about his players in the same manner.