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  • Loki Loki Feb 11, 2012 19:59 Flag

    What's the point of Downing?

    Somebody is gonna have to explain it to me, because I'm scratching my head whenever I see his name on the teamsheet, consternation which is confirmed by his total lack of impact on the game....its like having a man sent off even before the game starts!

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    • Loki...Downing was bought to provide the service for Carrol...he hasnt and if he doesnt at the end of season we should offload him and cut our losses he looks to me a bad buy at this point in the season...for me Albert Riera WOULD HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB...how much did he cost us ?

    • Herps, I think you add Henderson to the title of your thread, because my opinion on this guy hasn't changed a whole lot since he came to the club.I think he's sh1t.

      I watched his movement quite closely today, both on and off the ball. The guy doesn't do a whole lot. I saw him give the ball away on numerous occasions, the passes that stuck were 10m or less to a player right next to him unchallenged. And I saw zero hunger.

      His defenders will no doubt pedal out the usual 'give him time' argument. But I don't buy it. He was bought at a first teamer with some EPL experience, not a kid prospect who needs time in the reserves to come through. Apart from 1 goal against Bolton last season, this guys has I think shown fk all potential to me to justify even a fraction of the 20m the club supposedly shelled out for him.

      If there were even signs of something worth while there, I'd be willing to give him time.

      But so far, I've seen very very little.

    • Once again it's about us buying a player well past their best..

      He was on fire at Middlesbrough F.C..

      Had we got him back then he'd have been a valuable asset to LFC..

      Yet again it's a case of we bought a player (and theirs many we bought) whose best yrs have gone..

      Morientes is one such player that springs to mind..

    • He is an average standard PL player worth about £8m at best. LFC paid £20m. He has not improved since he joined, has few assists and fewer goals. Henderson same in my opinion. Don't even go to Carroll. LFC still 7th and gap starting to grow for teams above. Also Norwich, Sunderland and Everton getting closer. Win Carling Cup so what. £100m spent mainly on mediocrity.