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  • martin martin Feb 11, 2012 22:28 Flag

    Suarez v Cantona..

    Fergie is a hypocrite, fact. The best football manager in the world today,possibly, but to suggest Suarez should never play for Liverpool again for not shaking hands with a man who's accusations he still rebuffs, yet giving his full backing to a player who lunged two-footed into the crowd and subsequently being banned for EIGHT MONTHS. Suarez, debatable words with one accuser, Cantona potential ABH/GBH witnessed by millions.

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    • The difference being CANTANA admitted his mistake, took his punishment like a man, apologized and acted humbly afterwards .......all he had to do was shake his hand even if he doesn't like him at least do it as a sporting gesture ,good job the young mascot didn't see it he might of gave him his teddy bear .....................

    • Forget the past. LFC owners/Chief Executive must take the heat out of this Suarez situation now by issuing some sort of apology/peace offering statement. LFC currently being dragged through the gutter. If KD cannot see the politics behind such a statement then he can do a Capello