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  • Jason Jason Feb 13, 2012 12:58 Flag

    Utd Supporters live in a glass world..

    Filled with nothing but stones in a utopian society where they, their club and players can do no wrong..

    Speaking directly from the mouth and quotes from their own club, they have spoken with Liverpool FC, accepted the apology given (for the stupid and poor judged decision of Suarez), and would like to move forward considering the matter closed. Yet, you still continue to carry on with slander, libel, insulting fellow countryment and CONTINUING to lament on the subject that EVERYONE wants to "Kick out of Football", making you no better than what LS7 apparently said & did, and the topic at hand. You continue to talk about it, the fact that the subject still lingers in your heads all day is baffling, and a source of sarcasm and humor is as disgraceful as you make everyone else out to be.. have a look in the mirror!

    And while we're at it, aside from the endless, countless, ridiculous and embarassing, issues and events that have taken place at your club with your players for which I won't even begin to list, let me ask the question since nobody else seemed to raise it? After LFC's match last week vs Spurs, Wayne "trashbag, cheats on pregnant wife with prositutue, deliberately stamps on opponent, spits, goes on profanity laden tirades into the face of cameras on national tv" Rooney, decided to go on twitter (a site for idiots and ass.holes) and incites the entire world of supporters trying to cause more issues for Suarez because of a yellow card given for a high boot, incidentally kicking Scott Parker in the stomach, stating the ref has seen it and given a yellow therefore it should have been a red. Really Wayne... the king of all things moral, and consultant for the FA... really? Yes, Suarez just returned from a 9 game ban, deliberately tried to miss a volley and kick Parker in the gut in hopes of actually trying to kill him, that's what he really meant to do...

    Since when did Rooney become assistant chief of the FA and a consultant with the right, or audacity to make that comment on a website where he knew would make headlines, draw more negative attention to not only Suarez, but the match at Old Trafford, AND suggesting the Fa take action in reviewing the incident further by further penalizing Suarez, equaling a ban for the match...? I don't recall him making any such flamboyant statements in his own defense, or apologies reaching out to the same audience of millions in defense of himself stamping his cleats into the back calf of a fallen oppopnent in a Euro qualifier, do you? And, while we're at it, the same question applies to that scumbag Neville..

    And, btw, you were forced to turn over thousand upon thousands of pieces of literature containing racially disturbing and offensive images prior to your own home match which were created by YOU, so YOU could provoke the visiting supporters and further add gas to the fire... Do you think Sir Alex or Bobby Charlton would have approved of that, even Rio Ferdinand? YOU created and doctored images depicting the most vile group of people on this earth who still cause the root of all kinds of evil as far as racism, and ethnic abuse is concerned... are you proud?

    Glory Glory... pick up some more stones, hypocritices... and keep talking and joking about it, you're really elevating yourself and showing how divine and elogant you are, above it all.

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