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  • Ultimate ABU Ultimate ABU Feb 20, 2012 11:46 Flag

    Utd Supporters live in a glass world..

    Great thread there Jason, perhaps you should post that on the Man U board and see what their reaction is?

    Perhaps the Man U knobheads should read this;


    If you ask me, going by that Evra inticed the entire scenerio and then played the race card when it suited him, all because he got a bit of flack back!

    If Evra had not continually aggravated Suárez, then I don't think Suárez would have bothered saying anything to him.

    Perhaps Evra should stick to French (his mother tongue) instead of insulting people in Spanish, a language which he clearly isn't completely fluent in and he doesn't understand fully!

    I was pleased LFC knocked Man U out of the FA Cup but thought it was a shame they didn't spank the plastic mancs in their own backyard in the league, at least Suárez scored.

    It seems all of the Man U knobheads are hypocrites, they seem to have a very short memory when it comes to any scandal in regards to their players at their very shallow football club.

    There's always next season though.

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    • Evra is pure class, where as saurez is a disgrace time and again, i feel sorry for the poo supporters its not their fault that their team hasnt won the premier league, ever. But every year they even more jealous and bitter. ha ha ha