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  • Hobsey Hobsey Feb 13, 2012 15:14 Flag

    Team to face Brighton?

    I had noticed Aurelio slip from bench warming early on this season to not making the squad for cup games, I am assuming Kenny has decided to move on from him now which I guess makes long term sense but I thought he could still do a job.

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    • It is time to get a settled first 11. Too many changes. Now we have only 1 game per week for a few weeks so there is no excuse. The coaching team should decide who they think is the best starting eleven for the rest of the season and give them the start in the cup games so that they are gelling and ready to take Arsenal. That may include starting underforming players of late such as Downing, Spearing, and Henderson (and even Gerrard can be counting as underperforming though he is still better than the other midfielders) if the coaching staff thinks they should be the base of the team for the rest of the season.

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      • I'd tend to agree with that. I don't think we should try and start the same 11, but should start focusing on playing our best 14 or 15 players and only go out side that if injury or other needs dictate.

        Back 4 picks itself, but both Kelly and Carra should still be given a shout. Personally I'm fine with changes in the back, but I'd want either Sketel or Agger to start along side Carra.

        Midfield it’s a bit more tricky to decide, but part of our problem I think is that we've chopped and changed so much in the middle. Some of that of course was forced with Gerrard not being available, and Lucas getting hurt, but now we have to try a more settled approach if possible. For me that means in the center we focus on Spearing, Gerrard, Adam and Henderson. I like JonJo, but he's back up in my opinion so no need to give him games unless we are forced to.

        On the right I'd go with Kuyt with Downing as a back up. I know Stewart has been poor and I don't think he's lived up to expectations yet, but I think he's done better on the right than the left. We also have Henderson if needed. On the left it’s got to be Bellamy so long as he's fit. I love Maxi, but realistically I just don't see him getting a regular starting slot, and if that is the case then we need the same player every week if possible. Playing just once a week his knees should be okay (touch wood).

        Up front it’s Suarez, no matter what Fergie thinks his future at our club should be. Love him or hate him he makes things happen. Home or against lower table teams I'd rather go 2 in midfield and start Andy along side Suarez, but if we go with a lone striker Andy has to sit.

        So at home against a team we should be handily, but of course should still respect I’d go with

        Kelly, Carra, Agger, Enrique
        Kuyt, Spearing, Gerrard, Bellamy
        Carroll, Suarez