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  • Jason Jason Feb 17, 2012 16:44 Flag

    Walcott... Thoughts?

    I agree on Carroll, and particularly because (Dave's not going to like this), there's not that much more as far as skills that he can develop. Using his body/height better, being more physical yes.. the rest, I'm sorry to say, and in viewing players all over Europe his size and age.. is missing.

    As for Theo, we're on the same page but I certainly think KK can get more from him than Arsene does mainly because of attitude, self belief, and again eluding to a more stable core in a spine of the team and our defense.

    I know you're a huge admirer of Hazard as am I, but unless A- we're in 4th spot, or perhaps finish 1 pt off, or B- have something in place with Cole, I just don't see it happening and he's becoming a bit cocky in each interview he gives, saying I will only go here or there and even insulting a club or two, mainly a jibe at the pretend big team in London. Again, just my opinion, and my serious obsession, but with a price tag being given (35M Euros) and likely no Europe next year, Cavani HAS to be our man.. He and Suarez would absolutely terrorize backlines like we thought Suarez/Torres would, and his arrival would actually help Carroll being 2 years older, assuming we don't sell AC to Nottingham Forest for 2.5M...

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