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  • Delphi Delphi Feb 17, 2012 21:43 Flag

    Walcott... Thoughts?

    If Wenger cannot get anything out of him then Dalglish has no chance as per Carroll, Henderson and Downing.

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    • Honestly guys don't we have enough garbage in Carroll, Downing, Henderson and Charlie Adam without wanting to add on even more. Theo always manages to find a cul-de-sac even in the centre of a wide road.

      If we can get Hazard and Cavani then we would definitely be on the right path. Like you Jason, I don't know why we did not pursue Chamberlain, now there is potential.

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      • Walcott's not my choice either. By a long way unless of course he comes very cheap and his wage demands are realistic. However I believe he is asking for more money at Arsenal so we have another English youngster with some potential seeing the bright lights and getting above themselves again. I don't think he's that good. Quick but what use is that if you cant keep hold of the ball or cross it?

        Hazard would be awesome, a real statement of intent but it will depend largely on Champions League qualificationa and I'm not confident in that department at the moment either. Plus I think Spurs are looking favourites.

        I've always liked Hulk too but I still think we have issues to address in midfield and out wide as a priority. Pato showed some glimpses the other night too.