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  • Jason Jason Feb 20, 2012 16:01 Flag

    Walcott... Thoughts?

    Yeah, he's just another one of those players I have my own personal obsession with, "if you will", which I could obviously build my own dream 11... but since we're not Fail Madrid or the Citizens, not worth the time..

    I'm on the same thought train as you, and I do think we'll make a splash this summer along with a few additions. I think Maxi, Kuyt, Aurelio (not that he matters much) will depart on good terms, and depending how we finish, I'm going on a limb and saying if unhappy, Agger would be the first to force a move. While I think Skrtel has been magnificent and the better he seems a true red ala Hypia and I think Pepe stays..

    This being said, there are bundles and bundles of wingers that are out there to be had and for far less than Hazard, who I do love, but question mindset and attitude. Much like Hobs, I'm in agreeance that we lack and are missing in what I obsess over in David Silva.. If Downing can hold form anything like yesterday, we're ok there, and should prioritize a tricky, creative right sided player who is non traditional like Silva, Mata, even Modric-like who pops up all over.. A few names that spring to mind are Pablo Hernandez, Pablo Piatti (both of Valencia), Ibrahim Afellay, Scott Sinclair (not their caliber but very impressive) .. and many more. I'll have to start a thread on these players alone..

    But, in all I think 3-4 additions to replace departed, challenge or start, and 1 true world class player should (hopefully will) come in.

    Seriously though, if it means we can have 2-3 others, and choose one or the other, my bias and ridiculous affinity aside, it's Cavani over Hazard.. I hope that everyone will have a chance to watch EC7 tomorrow in the CL, because not only in my opinion is he the best out and out striker in the world, he runs at incredible pace, plays the counter and fast break like a winger and goes left, right, middle at such speed for a player of his size it's incredible, and his movement alone allows Napoli to pull apart defences, along with letting Suarez score his 3's and 4's when on international duty.

    Again, my opinion, but no matter where he goes, he's as sure thing as we'll see for 40M ish, and that makes the Torres deal look stupid, but in that, much like when we bought him, it's time we have another who at one time I'd have turned red by saying is better, but it's fact. 55 goals since 2011 says so..