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  • Jason Jason Feb 17, 2012 16:15 Flag

    Walcott... Thoughts?

    Yes, paper talk, but after watching that embarassing demolition between the pretenders from Milan and Arsinine, and Theo getting yanked at half time, I can see it having some truth since he can dazzle at times and leave you maddeningly confused at others.

    In addition to this, and the story (true or not), Theo is said to be a child hood LFC admirer, but more importantly Arsinine have two much more consistent young players in those positions in Gervinho and the super impressive Oxlade Chamberlain (which for what reason we didn't pursue I'll never know)..

    I may sound contradictory in this saying how bewildering and inconsistent Theo can be, however, his contract expires in 18 months, he's still very young, his talent is unquestioned, and if nothing else, Kenny gets the very most out of his players. The thought of him burning down the right side with Glen overlapping, cutting inside or sending in crosses to Cavani...err I mean Carroll is very a exciting to me, and in our back 4 and Reina (presuming we don't lose any of them) is far stronger and more consistent than anything Wenger can find or put in his back line..


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    • I see no other Gunner has responded, so I will.

      Do not consider Walcott to be an answer to your problems down the right. He is not a natural winger.

      In my mind, he should played down the middle in front of RVP in a 4-4-1-1 formation. That's where he would kill teams.

      He's had enough time on the wing to prove that he shouldn't be there, but his £95k p/w wage demand may be too rich for our board on present form.

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      • Couple questions John.

        95K a week is steep, so if Arsenal don't give it to him do you think anyone would. I have no idea what he's on now, but think the lad is still only 22 or 23, so would have thought his next contract would not be near that considering he's shown talent but not consistency.

        Second, if he is worth 95K a week and other managers are willing to pay him that much, what does that say about Arsenal if they are not willing to compete on the same terms? I know your lot published record profits today, but does mean anything if its not at some point invested on the actual pitch?

    • Yeah, he's just another one of those players I have my own personal obsession with, "if you will", which I could obviously build my own dream 11... but since we're not Fail Madrid or the Citizens, not worth the time..

      I'm on the same thought train as you, and I do think we'll make a splash this summer along with a few additions. I think Maxi, Kuyt, Aurelio (not that he matters much) will depart on good terms, and depending how we finish, I'm going on a limb and saying if unhappy, Agger would be the first to force a move. While I think Skrtel has been magnificent and the better he seems a true red ala Hypia and I think Pepe stays..

      This being said, there are bundles and bundles of wingers that are out there to be had and for far less than Hazard, who I do love, but question mindset and attitude. Much like Hobs, I'm in agreeance that we lack and are missing in what I obsess over in David Silva.. If Downing can hold form anything like yesterday, we're ok there, and should prioritize a tricky, creative right sided player who is non traditional like Silva, Mata, even Modric-like who pops up all over.. A few names that spring to mind are Pablo Hernandez, Pablo Piatti (both of Valencia), Ibrahim Afellay, Scott Sinclair (not their caliber but very impressive) .. and many more. I'll have to start a thread on these players alone..

      But, in all I think 3-4 additions to replace departed, challenge or start, and 1 true world class player should (hopefully will) come in.

      Seriously though, if it means we can have 2-3 others, and choose one or the other, my bias and ridiculous affinity aside, it's Cavani over Hazard.. I hope that everyone will have a chance to watch EC7 tomorrow in the CL, because not only in my opinion is he the best out and out striker in the world, he runs at incredible pace, plays the counter and fast break like a winger and goes left, right, middle at such speed for a player of his size it's incredible, and his movement alone allows Napoli to pull apart defences, along with letting Suarez score his 3's and 4's when on international duty.

      Again, my opinion, but no matter where he goes, he's as sure thing as we'll see for 40M ish, and that makes the Torres deal look stupid, but in that, much like when we bought him, it's time we have another who at one time I'd have turned red by saying is better, but it's fact. 55 goals since 2011 says so..

    • Theo would tick a lot of the right boxes for us. He's young (22) very pacey, plays down the right where we need a longer term replacement for Kuyt, and is English, so think we might be interested. His main problem is a lack of consistency, although I felt of the few Arsenal games I've seen this year, that he was getting better. Seems to me his main fault is not a lack of ability but decision making, especially with his final ball. But that instinctive knowledge is often the last piece of the puzzle for most developing footballers, and at 22 its way to early to say he can't get any better (just like Carroll btw).

      But it comes down to cost. I understand he's only got the 18 months left so its decision time for Arsenal on whether to give him a new contract or realize value for him in the transfer market.. Considering they maybe forced to re-build this summer if RVP leaves, I'm not sure they'd want to let him go unless he holds out for a bigger contract. Another factor is if Arsenal make top 4 or not. If they do then they can afford to give him a new deal (or let him go and shop for a replacement) but if they don't then I think they'll hold him to his contract for at least the first half of the season.

      So the question is how much would he cost us. IMO we need to bring someone in who can play on the right flank. We may get at least one more good year out of Kuyt but we need someone who can give him real competition, and be a longer term quality replacement. But we have other needs as well (left flank needs re-enforcing as Maxi is likely to move on, Bellamy has been great but at 32 won't last much longer, and Downing has yet imo shown the quality as a regular starter). And of course there are the calls for Cavani who maybe great, but would take up a significant portion of a transfer budget.

      So bottom line, if he's available and it did not stop us from going for other targets then I'd say we go for him. But he's not someone I'd put top of our list for this summer.

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      • To be honest with you I am more concerned with cover for the defensive midfield role then anything else right now. We seemed to have an abundance of midfielders just before the season kicked off then the Meireles jumped ship last minute and we just looked ok. When Lucas got injured I thought it was a loss but we would get over it but we really havent. Spearing is ok but he is slow, lacking in passing quality and lacks presence. Nobody else can fill the void with any conviction. If I was to make a number 1 target right now for us it would be a specialst, young holding player, I dont know who but we need one!

        I know I have swayed off topic so getting back to where we started. I think we are really on a knife edge this season, we are at the point where we have a strong youthful core and are just needing a couple (Isnt it always the way?!) of 'jewel in the crown' style players to push us over the edge in games we are controlling but cant find the breakthrough. Those players that we are needing now are only looking for Champions league football so its a bit of a catch 22.

        To be honest with you I think its more a creative wide player that we need, somebody versatile and unpredictable who can thread a pass and add a few goals here and there. Pace would be a lovely addition to those requirements and Hazard ticks every box but, as you say, he seems to know he can pick his club and his wage package! Chelsea have Mata, City have Silva so we kind of need somebody of that ilk. Walcott to be fair is quick and versatile and gets his fair share of assists, albeit to the leagues best finisher! I think he would be a good addition but not 'the' addition.

      • I think I would prefer Nathan Dyer, Scott Sinclair and Junior Hoylett to be on our summer shopping list, unless he's going for stupidly cheap money. In saying that, maybe a change is what he needs, but as I understand it, he prefers playing through the middle, and I for one have had enough of square pegs in round holes to last a goddam lifetime!

    • Im not so sure Kenny has been getting the best out of Young Andy Carroll though!

      Walcott is a weird one, I like him and when he is on his game he can be unplayable but that just happens to be less often then not these days. If Arsene cant get the best out of a young prospect then it shows a huge risk! I think if we can make the top 4 this year then Hazard is the main target we have to go for in the summer but he wont be interested in Europa league football. IF that is a target we fail to acheive then Walcott is probably worth a punt.

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      • Scot Sinclair. Much more consistent and an all round player. Walcot is another Downing, will run up and down the wing putting hopeful crosses and shots in. Worth no more than 10mil.

        That's what I think.

        If Sinclair gets an England call up (I think he should) his price will rocket.

      • I agree on Carroll, and particularly because (Dave's not going to like this), there's not that much more as far as skills that he can develop. Using his body/height better, being more physical yes.. the rest, I'm sorry to say, and in viewing players all over Europe his size and age.. is missing.

        As for Theo, we're on the same page but I certainly think KK can get more from him than Arsene does mainly because of attitude, self belief, and again eluding to a more stable core in a spine of the team and our defense.

        I know you're a huge admirer of Hazard as am I, but unless A- we're in 4th spot, or perhaps finish 1 pt off, or B- have something in place with Cole, I just don't see it happening and he's becoming a bit cocky in each interview he gives, saying I will only go here or there and even insulting a club or two, mainly a jibe at the pretend big team in London. Again, just my opinion, and my serious obsession, but with a price tag being given (35M Euros) and likely no Europe next year, Cavani HAS to be our man.. He and Suarez would absolutely terrorize backlines like we thought Suarez/Torres would, and his arrival would actually help Carroll being 2 years older, assuming we don't sell AC to Nottingham Forest for 2.5M...