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  • Robert M Robert M Feb 24, 2012 08:54 Flag

    Fernando, beyond a silly joke now?!

    Ah well, there's two of you then. Good.

    The Benitez hysteria in the press seems to be put around by "intermediaries close to Benitez" or "intermediaries close to Chelsea". It all sounds like bollocks to me. I really think that if there is a breakdown inside Chelsea (which seems likely) and if it causes AVB to go (which is very possible) that I think appointing Benitez would be the very worst thing. Benitez has a history of slagging of Chelsea players individually and calling them cheats. I doubt that's been forgotten by the players. It certainly hasn't been forgotten by this fan.

    If Chelsea really do need a short-term manager with a history of club success and who has the respect of at least some of the leading players, I can't think of a more qualified available candidate than Capello. Can you?