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  • Colyn Colyn Feb 23, 2012 08:35 Flag

    Fernando, beyond a silly joke now?!

    Abramovich has unfortunately laid the foundations for failure at Chelsea. His drive for instant success will come at the price of long term success. You can see the beginnings of it now with many senior players not quite making the standards thay've set in the past. it doesn't help that a few of them seem to be rather vocal either. This is another consequence of Abramovich's tenure. It seems to me that the constant swapping of managers, for whatever reasons, has left certain players with their own ideas on how to run the footballing side.

    Perhaps I'm slightly off the mark but to me AVB is a very good and promising manager that will improve the club with the right structure and support around him. This was also teh case with almost every other manager Chelsea have had over Abramovich's time as well.

    The other night AVB played his hand. Fair play I say. He's shown to the world (we all pretty much knew anyway) who are the players that are creating difficulties and may not fit into AVB's the longer term thinking of the club. It also makes it perfectly clear to them who's in charge. The ball is now in Abramovich's hands. Sack the manager and player power wins again which is likely to do Chelsea no good in the long run. Stay with AVB and maybe things will be rough for a while but there's a chance the structure of the club will move forward.

    My thoughts anyway I also see that there was more paper talk of the Benites rumour yesterday evening. Somehow I can't quite see that working. It would be a real clash of personalities