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  • Hobsey Hobsey Feb 21, 2012 14:37 Flag

    Fernando, beyond a silly joke now?!

    It was funny at first watching him not score goals and put in sloppy performances, it helped the pain from his exit. I just cant see what Chelsea have done to him! The guy could score from 35 yards, was dominant in the air and could go past defenders like they were statues. Now the latest is that West Ham tried to take him on loan in January and he got hooked off at halftime against Birmingham reserves!!


    It seems he will become available in the summer for a cut price fee and I expect all the big spanish clubs would still have him. I know a lot of you dont like the idea but if we are in the market for a forward, personally, I would love to have him back if we were talking about sub £20m and I would thank Chelsea for seemingly repairing his injury problems.....although it seems they have done so by amputating his legs and sewing on Winston Bogardes.

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    • No, FC would be a great choice if you could persuade him to do it.

    • Ah well, there's two of you then. Good.

      The Benitez hysteria in the press seems to be put around by "intermediaries close to Benitez" or "intermediaries close to Chelsea". It all sounds like bollocks to me. I really think that if there is a breakdown inside Chelsea (which seems likely) and if it causes AVB to go (which is very possible) that I think appointing Benitez would be the very worst thing. Benitez has a history of slagging of Chelsea players individually and calling them cheats. I doubt that's been forgotten by the players. It certainly hasn't been forgotten by this fan.

      If Chelsea really do need a short-term manager with a history of club success and who has the respect of at least some of the leading players, I can't think of a more qualified available candidate than Capello. Can you?


    • I'd have him back at a cut price of about 15 milla. Kenny will make him start ticking again. The last manager he scored regularly for was Kenny and it is my firm belief that the king is the only man the can get him firing again. The battle between him and Carroll for starting berth in the team would do wonders for both player form , methinks.

    • Yes, before Roman arrived we were a top four English club. But we hadn't been in the top two for fifty years. Roman and Mourinho turned us into a top four European club for a while (no other club reached as many CL semis in that time). They did this with a very fast revolution of players and management. Look at say the second semi against you (our third semi of the six). I don't know for certain, having not checked, but I suspect the only two players in that who preceeded Roman were JT and Lampard. Think of Cech, Carvalho, Ferreira, A Cole, Essien, Robben, Drogba, Duff, Ballack, Shevchenko and countless others signed by Mourinho long since departed - all Roman specimens.

      Really, our first league win in 2005 was largely Roman's team, the team of the second league win in 2006 was almost completely bought by him.


      You're going to tell me I forgot Joe Cole.

    • Abramovich has unfortunately laid the foundations for failure at Chelsea. His drive for instant success will come at the price of long term success. You can see the beginnings of it now with many senior players not quite making the standards thay've set in the past. it doesn't help that a few of them seem to be rather vocal either. This is another consequence of Abramovich's tenure. It seems to me that the constant swapping of managers, for whatever reasons, has left certain players with their own ideas on how to run the footballing side.

      Perhaps I'm slightly off the mark but to me AVB is a very good and promising manager that will improve the club with the right structure and support around him. This was also teh case with almost every other manager Chelsea have had over Abramovich's time as well.

      The other night AVB played his hand. Fair play I say. He's shown to the world (we all pretty much knew anyway) who are the players that are creating difficulties and may not fit into AVB's the longer term thinking of the club. It also makes it perfectly clear to them who's in charge. The ball is now in Abramovich's hands. Sack the manager and player power wins again which is likely to do Chelsea no good in the long run. Stay with AVB and maybe things will be rough for a while but there's a chance the structure of the club will move forward.

      My thoughts anyway I also see that there was more paper talk of the Benites rumour yesterday evening. Somehow I can't quite see that working. It would be a real clash of personalities

    • I'm begging to come up with a theory here Robert and further to what I put on the other post that seems to have vanished, to do with stability.

      It really does not matter who you bring in, what they've done in the past, or what potential they might have for the future. There just seems to be something broken at the club, and until that changes I don't think anyone can really take Chelsea forward.

      The old joke is Chelsea should not sack another manager but sack the owner instead, but it may have some truth to it. Its not that Roman is a bad owner, most clubs would be blessed to have someone as generous. But I think there is a philosophy that stems from the owners box that creates a real barrier not to short term success, but real progress.

      In some ways you have the opposite ailment to Arsenal. There ownership and management has too much patience thinking if they just follow the same philosophy it will work out eventually. While Chelsea will look to change something at the first hurdle, thinking progress is always a straight line. Seems to me patience is good, but evolution which is what football progress is about is also about adjusting ones philosophy to conditions, rather than chopping and changing at every turn.

      I actually think bringing in Rafa might be the worst thing for you, especially if its on a short term contract. He'll get the team performing better, and might get you back into the top 4, but on a short term contract will have no authority to actually change much or help plan for the future.

      A team built around a core of Terry, Lampard and Drogba maybe good, but its on the decline, while I think you should be focusing on a core around Luis, Mata, and Sturridge. That side might stumble from lack of experience and so fall out of the CL or top 4 now but think could be a real force in time. The question is will AVB or any manager be given time to actually build around them before the current core completely falls apart.

    • Actually Benitez didn't consistently get the better of Mourinho's Chelsea. Go and look at the results between the clubs and you'll find Chelsea won rather more of the games than Liverpool. However, Liverpool did prevail in two CL semis (just) and an FA Cup semi over Chelsea during that time.

      If we're looking for a Liverpool manager who has consistently got the better over Chelsea (and I doubt we are) we'll have to go poaching your current one. If I'm not mistaken his record is 4-0.


    • Hi Robert, I don't understand that because Rafa consistantly got the better over "the special one's" CFC side, RA would not want him. Where is the logic in that?

      As AVB said recently the manager does not need the backing of the players, just the owner.


    • Not just Dave - I still think he was and is a very good manager.

    • I'd take back Torres for the right price.. why not? he's worth for 18+ goals a season..

      As for AVB I thought he was contracted for 15 yrs? Or something like that?

      AVB is the brightest prospect manager wise for along time.. Thing is Abramovich is so damn impatient.. at this rate they'll be no top managers he can poach.. As they all know he demands instant success or they're sacked..

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